preparing to be refreshed

This advertisement was a full page in the Life magazine from February 1959.
I quite enjoyed looking at the refreshing scene.
The tray of sandwiches . .the clothes .. even the wording made me smile.

At times we are all in need of refreshment ..
 Friday . . I'll share my plan for refreshment with you.

All for now . .


  1. Refreshment...always good on many levels. Looking forward to it!

  2. A little R&R...maybe? Are you looking for an escape from our refreshing winter weather? Do tell!

  3. Are you drinking coca cola these days?

  4. Hmm..what's up:)
    That photo is an oldie, love it..who says coca cola anymore!

  5. What a great picture...perfect! Refreshment is a good thing. Kathy

  6. Hmmmm - does it have to do with heading south? I'll be there'll be some fantastic storm watching (not to speak of shopping in those children's outlets!)

  7. What a great old poster! Enjoy a refreshing time - whatever you choose. As much as I enjoyed a coke when I was young, it's water, coffee and tea I drink nowadays. Just don't like any colas - hubby on the other hand is addicted, lol!


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