Old San Juan

Our first morning in Old San Juan was most delightful.
I'm an early riser most days so waking up Atlantic time suited me just fine.
I tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.  ..
and saw the warmth before even feeling it.
The patio door was opened and the rush of damp warmth met me and I remembered again why we love tropical vacations.

While walking the narrow streets we were met head on with a parade in progress.
It was rather impromtu with singing and dancing and police escorts on their bikes.
When they passed us, they handed us tracks in a language we could not read . .
and then mentioned Jesus . ..
and then their smiles spoke volumes and we understood the reason for their joy.

We had breakfast in a bakery cafe that we knew would be tasty judging from the line up  for a table.
I'm just saying right up front that going on holiday and avoiding and resisting pastries that are offered up takes an enormous amount of will power.

Old San Juan has cobble stone streets built on a hillside surrounded on three sides by water.
We spent the days just walking though the quaint streets with each building attached to the next with each it's own flavour.

(in the bungalow. . .I am beginning to put up Christmas decorations. . .enjoying dinner with friends. . and generally regaining  the sense of Pacific Time .. )

all for now . .


  1. Aren't those homes painted the most delicious pastels? Lovella, I'm glad that you are home trying to get used to the time change notwithstanding. It must seem surreal putting up Christmas decorations when just a little while ago you were in a tropical paradise. You know, about the time you were leaving, all that news came out about the cruise line stranded off California's coast. Oh my! I had a few anxious days fretting as I wondered where you folks were. This Blogdom creates for us a much larger family than we'd ever thought possible. Usually, that's a good thing! :D

  2. What a beautiful city. This is one of the things I love about blogs - the window they give me on the world out there.

  3. A lovely old city...that we have passed through but never stayed a spell to check it out. I recall the sunshine and the crowds...but not the lovely buildings or yummy pastries.

    Glad you are becoming used to life on solid ground once again.

  4. What a great colorful city. It must have been lots of fun taking in the sights and sounds.

  5. Thanks for sharing these pictures -- they brought back a flood of memories. I was engaged in San Juan 40+ years ago -- my husband was stationed there in the Navy at the time. What a wonderful old city.

  6. Hi Lovella, I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time now but have never commented before. With your posts about your recent cruise I couldn't help but comment. We were supposed to be on the Carnival ship that was stranded of the coast of Baja Cali the same week you were on your cruise. We went to California instead, not the same. this would have been our 5th cruise-we LOVE cruising. Our last one two years ago this month was out of Puerto Rico on the Mariner. Hope you enjoyed your first cruise. We were hooked after our first. Reading your posts is making me a little sad that ours was cancelled-we were looking forward to sharing this experience with our two kids for the first time. Isn't Puerto Rico just gorgeous!

    Carolyn S

  7. We were in Puerto Rico about 10 years ago..for just a few days. I don't remember this pretty street! The buildings look newly painted. I guess we didn't hang out in the town. I remember the beach.

  8. Beautiful photos, Lovella! Isn't it fun to wander around and discover new things?

    I have never been to Puerto Rico but my daughter has vacationed there a few times and enjoyed the beautiful Old San Juan area and the rainforest and beaches.

  9. Such a beautiful place!! I'm so glad you're our tour guide. I'm looking forward to learning more.

    And welcome home!! Glad you're back safe and sound.

  10. What fun to find yourselves in the middle of a local parade.....and understanding the joy.
    Pastries....look yummy! Kathy

  11. Beautiful! The weather there is a far cry from our weather here -- gray, rainy, cold. Don't worry -- I knew you were thinking of us and praying for Laura! Thanks for taking some of your precious time to check on us.

    It must be hard to be back home now -- at least there is Christmas to look forward to!!!

  12. Oh how lovely. I'd LOVE to swing by there for a cup of tea and one of those cinnamon buns.

  13. The buildings are so different from what we have here! so interesting to see.. and cobble streets..
    Did you buy the pastries? smile...


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