the last of the apples and oh sweet caramel

Our two little apple trees have made me happy.
We've eaten them barely ripe. .
not being able to wait until they are fully ready to pick.
We've eaten our fill of pies and crisps and marvelled each time on how good a fresh apple is from the orchard.

We called Gerry and Heidi to come pick what was left and they carted off a large tote and several reusable bags.  They will make the last of them into juice.

The next day. .
I went and picked the little guys that no one wanted.

You really should give it a whirl.

I ran out of popsicle sticks. .
so I've been using skewers to dip them.
We cut one up and split it for dessert after lunch instead of our usual cookie.

It takes under 30 minutes to boil up the bubbling caramel. .
and the dipping is under 5.
Apples are relatively inexpensive so the most expensive items would be the sweetened condensed milk and the butter.

One of my favorite parts of the Caramel Apple experience is when the sun shines in the windows ..
and the leaves are blowing off the tree while I put them together.
It makes the bungalow feel absolutley homey and happy.

Well. .my pot has had a soak. .
I'll go clean it up and see how the apples are cooling.

All for now. .


  1. That's one of my favorite treats. The story you've woven around the apples is lovely - as lovely as the glimpse of the fall tree through your window.

  2. Oh...I always have lots of Popsicle sticks...I can feel the warm sun and appreciate the leaves blowing, but today seems a bit cool. Where was I when this happened?
    I'll savor the flavors of the caramel sauce instead.

  3. I've really been deprived and have never had one of these. Your photos are wonderful - especially with the gorgeous tree outside and the sunshine!

  4. i think i will give it a whirl! thanks for the inspiration! :) I've always wanted to do it and it looks like you thoroughly enjoyed making them!

  5. Next fall...for sure! They look most tempting.

  6. What a creative artist you are! Love these pictures and the thoughts of warm, cozy, and delicious conjures up in my mind. Perfect autumn event. I can only imagine how good they would taste.

  7. How fun and what great photos Lovella. I can almost taste those caramel apples!

  8. ah, I know little jaydon, he's my son's friend at church. we are in his parent's home group!

  9. Apples and caramel - my favorite combination of flavors. I wish I could have my own apple tree.

  10. I haven't had a caramel apple for a long time!
    Love your photos!


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