The Empress of Japan

I found this postcard featuring the Empress of Japan which was  a passenger ship from years ago.
I wonder what they served back then on cruise ships.
this ship was the the second of two ships that was owned by the Canadian Pacific Steamships.  It's route was the Pacific between our west coast and the Far East.
She was the fastest ocean liner on the Pacific at that time. . carrying the Royal Mail and passengers.
It was refitted for wartime service and was renamed the Empress of Scotland following the Japanese attacks on the Empire.

My selection of old postcards included this photos of ships being tossed back and forth in what appears to be a stormy ocean.

Ah .. .there . .that is better. .
I'm hoping that my cruise experience will be calm. .
and the waves will be nothing more than a gentle rocking to sleep at night.

All for now. .


  1. Oh I certainly hope so! I'm looking forward to the photos of your cruise experience for sure.

  2. Bon Voyage! I trust you will enjoy your well deserved vacation... and I do hope the food will be up to your high standards: maybe you can share some recipes with the dietary staff. ;-)

  3. Oh my those stormy seas would not be pleasant! And I think the ships of nowadays are much better don't go hungry:)

  4. Love those old postcards Lovella!
    Looking forward to seeing photos from the cruise...

  5. Great post cards! Looking forward to hearing about your tales on the sea.:)

  6. May you have smooth sailing...all the way! We look forward to your cruising posts.

  7. My grandma crossed the ocean from Europe on, what must have been a nice liner, in 1947. She loved pictures of sailors in their sailor outfits and anything to do with roylaty. I wonder if that ship experience is what did it?
    I'm looking forward to hearing more!

  8. I wish you smooth seas and gentle breezes!....and a wonderful holiday.

  9. Praying for smooth sailing and a wonderful time!! I can hardly wait for the pictures.

  10. I hope you have a very special time of refreshment. I sure do hope you take pictures to share with us. My memory tells me that you will not be able to stop taking pictures from the breathtaking beauty you will see. Have fun!

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about all your cruise stories depicted of course with photos!
    Welcome home! Hope you aren't missing the warm weather TOOOO much !! smile


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