cleaning up leaves in the country


It is likely that some of you folks are prohibited from using a blower on your bit of property.
If that day ever comes to the farm. .
sadness will soon follow.

I remember when I started blogging the fall of 2006. .
I took pictures of my beloved with his blower as he cleaned up leaves.
He was a bit taken back that I would wish to post such common tasks.


Since then. .
he is quite accustomed to the camera showing up where he might be.
He's a good guy. . ..I was smart back in grade nine when I picked him.


Oh ..yes. . I was talking about how to clean up leaves in the country.
First. .
blow them all out of the flower beds and off the driveway.

A few remaining leaves are good.
The birds use them in spring for their nests.

My hydrangea looks still quite lovely in it's darker autumn hue. .
I will leave the flowers on for the birds.
Every spring they busy themselves plucking the dry petals.

After the leaves are blown onto the lawn. .
He comes by again with the mower and uses a bag instead of normal mulching.
The lawn has stopped growing. .
but our lawnmower continues to buzz over the lawn until every last leaf has dropped.

That is how we do it in the country.
All for now. .


  1. We use a blower, too, to start the job and get them into piles. I usually vacuum up the leaves with the lawnmower, too. :0)

  2. No need for blowers or vacuums out here...what with the howling winds of these past few days. Our leaves have all taken flight!

  3. No snow? ;D

    Thankfully, we have a wonderful neighbor with all the right leaf equipment who always takes care of our front yard. That only leaves the back yard for us and it is about the size of a half a postage stamp. Perfect!

    You chose him in 9th grade...that's amazing! When did he choose you? Same time?

  4. Yes, my husband would be in trouble if the blower was prohibited. He blows the leaves on to a tarp that he then pulls to the backyard. He waits until a damp evening to burn then. The smell takes me back to my youth. My Mema was the champion raker and leaf burner!! She just turned 86 and her birthday cake was decorated with a rake and leaves...

  5. I could ditto that post. But we still have a few leaves blowing around and it gives that Fallish look and feeling. Men and there toys.

  6. Oh, the blower! I cringe when it comes out because I don't like the noise, but he loves to use it! Like a little boy with a toy! The shop yard often gets a quick clean up that way too. One morning he must have done it too early, because someone in the apartment next door decided it was time to throw some eggs.

  7. You can tell that your hubby is enjoying this job..his smile tells all:)

  8. Looks like fun! The wind does the job here.

  9. Very clever. What a boy you have!

  10. Your lawn still looks green as a golf course. I like your comments on leaf blowing because that seems to be something my husband enjoys doing too. We have two remaining trees that continue to shed their leaves. Leaf blowers are a great invention. I like the leaves floating through your blog too.


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