the chicken returns, and woody

Last night we celebrated our sons birthday.
It just so happens that he was born in the season when children turn into their favorite characters.
Kanneloni Macaroni had her turn at the chicken costume this year.
It is mandatory that someone honors the chicken in our family and it falls to the least disagreeable about such things.

The lil' farm hand was are first mistaken by some observers  as a cowboy.
His costume was had the women in his life all cooperating to find the necessary pieces to make it as authentic as possible.

His belt buckle was made by his mommy. ..a bit of play dough with a bit of carving and a coat of "brass".
The belt was made 30 years ago for his daddy by his great grandpa.
It has been tucked away in my cedar chest for all these years. .and now it had the perfect reason to come out.

Once the lil' farm hand turned around. . .
he was realized to be Woody from Toy Story. .
complete with his pull to make him talk.
The vest fabric was found after much searching by all of us by his Omi at the thrift store.
She dropped it off at my house..
and I whipped up a little vest. .with a story book open to the pages  with the best vest views.
With their cousin ..
Grandgirlie in her princess fairy costume and leading the way with her usual enthusiasm  .  .

 ..they left with their Daddies and their Grandpa.  .
to see what was being offered. .
door to door.
It  is days like this ..
that it feels surreal to be the grandparent.
Where did the time go?
Thirty-one years ago yesterday I brought our new little son home from the hospital ..
driving slowly up our street which was busy with little children in costume.
31 years later. . .he is walking down the street.  .with his little chicken in his arm . .
and his little Toy Story buddy running ahead.
It has been a very good 31 years.
All for now.  . .


  1. As always, the little chicken is adorable, and Woody looks very authentic. No little characters rang my doorbell last night. We worked at our church Pumpkin Festival and were amazed at the creativity that went in to the costumes. Such fun!

  2. Happy Birthday to your now 31 year old! Both of the kids look adorable in their costumes!

  3. Great costume! Much better than the store-bought version. And that is the cutest chicken I have ever seen!

  4. Those are the kind of costumes I like. Very cute!

    We combined birthday celebrations with a trick-or-treat party as well.

  5. What a cute costume. I love the pull string on back of the vest. So authentic!

    I too look back on days such as that and wonder where the time has gone. Sometimes, it just doesn't seem possible that I am a Gram already!

  6. I love how it took so many hands to make the little Woody costume! The photo of the gang headed down the street was a Canadian classic.

  7. They are adorable!!! Making the costume is the fun part!! The cowboy outfit turned out perfect!

  8. Those are adorable costumes. At our house we have a 'bee' costume that all our children took turns wearing. Maybe one day our grandchildren will wear it. We had lovely fall weather for trick-or-treating, no snow like we often have.

  9. Artistic talent sure does run in your family. That little chicken is the cutest little chicken I have ever seen. Great job on the creative costumes.

  10. Happy birthday to you son! Your grandchildren look so cute in their costumes.

    My son is also 31 and is expecting his second child - a second boy! Time does pass so quickly but it is such a blessing to be able to see traditions continue through the generations.

  11. Oh my goodness, your grandchildren are so sweet. The costumes are adorable and I think it is very special that so many family members lovingly worked together to create Woody's costume.
    Happy Birthday to your son. Time sure does seem to fly by quickly, doesn't it?

  12. So cute! My question is, "Who had more fun? Was it the women making the costumes or the kids getting candy?" If only you could have imagined this day 31 years ago as you came home from the hospital.
    I remember coming home from the hospital (one year later) about ten days before Haloween, being home alone with a nursing baby and getting up to get the door every few minutes.

  13. Oh that is so great! A very happy 31st to your son. Those costumes are just fabulous. You all really pulled together the Toy Story one!!

  14. A touching heart to heart post Lovella..Interesting the memories and where they come from and all those treasures in those boxes that we have stored for years...It's so hard to leave go of things, but we will never leave go of those memories. They are now permanent.

  15. awww - adorable!!

    It does seem surreal doesn't it? Why are we all surprised at the passing of time? It must be true that we are made for eternity :)

    Hope your boy had a Happy Birthday with his little trickotreaters!

  16. too adorable!!!! Love the history behind your grandsons costume....precious memories!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & your kind comments....sure do appreciate them!!!
    Have a wonderful day, blessed by the Lord!

  17. How fun! I loved this post. Happy Birthday to your big boy too. Kathy


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