Applesauce making 2010

Yesterday afternoon I watched lil' farm hand and Kanneloni Macaroni during nap time.
The little one nearly fell into bed and I never heard a peep out of her.
The other one declined the offer to rest.

It seemed a waste of all that excess energy to play with toys. .
so we picked a big bag of apples from the way back and brought them in to make him some applesauce to take home.

We washed them. . .
and then he ran the apple peeler while I quartered and put them in the pot.
It took him a minute to two to figure out which way to turn the crank. .
but once he had the hang of it. .
he proved to be a very useful applesauce sous chef.
His aim at the garbage can was remarkable and all most of  the peels went in the garbage. .
and we had a huge pot of apples cooking within an hour.

Once he finished peeling a large sink full of apples. . .
he opted to go outside while I stirred and cooked.
At the end of the day. .
he went home with his applesauce. .
and I was happy to have done something with those apples that my beloved has been reminding me daily. .
"we better do something with those apples soon".

All for now. .


  1. Helping Grammie make the applesauce will make that applesauce taste so much better! :)

  2. Such a great way to use your grand's energies and some apples that needed to be used. I considered requesting my grand's help today and thought better of it. You're a very good grammie!

  3. Good Lil Farmhand and by Grammie. He will enjoy the applesauce...and the memories.

  4. What a good little worker you have there :0)

  5. Yum! Owen's preschool class made some the day I went to help out. I'd forgotten how good fresh made applesauce is. It's on my list of things to do soon!

  6. Oh, how cute is that? Why would a boy nap if he can peel apples with a handy turny thing like that?

    This reminds me that we should be checking the apples at the lake...
    out of sight, out of hubby saying anything...

  7. He is getting so tall and lanky looking. Yes, start 'em in the kitchen young and maybe someday he will round up some peers for the next generation of Mennonite cook books: Mennonite Men Can Cook Too!

  8. What a special way to get something done.
    I like how careful your grandson is at putting the peel into the garbage.
    I noticed you have teatowels in a wired basket on your counter, what a good idea. I have a similar basket, I could do the same and free up cupboard space. Danke.

  9. That's so great!!! Applesauce is delicious and my kids love that peeler too! I had apples sitting here and finally made 3 big pies which we ate for breakfast 3 days in a row!!! What a treat -- they were made with whole wheat and a tad of honey, so nothing terrible to eat for breakfast. :)

  10. I love the seeds you plant in the minds of your little grandchildren. This little fellow will love applesauce and know how to make it - a gift to the future!

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  12. What a good helper you had!

    I saw that apple peeler on another blog recently and now after seeing it here I think I an convinced that I must buy one for next apple season.


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