when she's hot. .she's hot. .but when she's not. .she's not.

On Thursday morning my beautifully risen pumpkin challah lay on the counter top slowly deflating.
Where does an oven go when it refuses to get hot?
It goes on the porch for time out.
Poor thing, didn't even have a front door exit ..
but I felt the least I could do to respect her thirteen years of service . .
was to turn her back to avoid eye contact with the new oven coming in the front door.

We had tried...
oh yes we had.
Thinking it was simply an element problem. .
we took the cold element into the m*ytag shop to have it tested.
It seemed that the element was fine and upon testing her other faculties. .
she was deemed to be worth more in parts than in whole.

My beloved declared me to be a mennonite woman no longer able to cook and sent me to town to scope out new models that would in fact make my cooking easier.

I came home with reports of new ovens with double ovens. .
"we'll go have a look"  .. he said. .
And we did.
The brand new model on the floor not yet 24 hours old. .
sold to the man with the mennonite wife who could not cook.

As soon as the boys in blue left. .
The new oven and I got acquainted over some apple pie.
I pulled the deflated pumpkin challah out of the refrigerator.  .
gave it a good massage. .and reworked the braid and voila. .
in my new convection oven. .
it suddenly rose to levels I had not imagined.

It was a good day here in the bungalow. .


  1. YAY!!! I'm so excited for you!!! nothing better than a new oven that you love!

  2. Yippee! Very nice Lovella. I'm glad you and your oven are back in business!

  3. Oh my! I would love a double oven. It was worth the agravation of having a non working oven to now have such a nice new model. Enjoy it!

  4. Congratulations on the new oven! Great that you still 'can' and even 'may' cook to your heart's content and for the joy of your family, friends and guests! Enjoy!

  5. What a snazzy new model! That double oven will come in handy for family dinners - no more juggling the sweet potato casserole with the turkey at the last minute!

  6. It's hot! May you enjoy your new model for the next thirteen years...and beyond.

  7. How wonderful! Wishing you many years of happy cooking and baking.

  8. Ohh .. it looks amazing. I'm sure thoughts of your old oven will soon fade into oblivion as the new shows its 'new' stuff ! smile..
    The pie looked great and I know enjoyed -- even though I could only look at it! smile...

  9. Ohhhh, that's so nice! It would be heresy for you not to be able to cook. Glad that you are enjoying it...we will look for a review once you've had time to test it thoroughly. And it fits in the space...now that is really nice.

  10. What a familiar face...Maytag has made this Menno happy and it looks like mine is the exact model...Ten years and no problems.
    Enjoy the double oven.

  11. Double oven=double cooking.
    Double over with convection=Fast cooking.

    You can do it Lovella!

    Bake more...bake faster...FASTER!!!

  12. I want one just like it:)
    Lovella, have fun baking!

  13. if jealousy wasn't a sin, i'd be wallowing in it ;) my oven starts out at the right temperature and then, the moment i turn my back on it, it shoots up sometimes as hot as 500 degrees. i've had many a burnt dinner tossed in the trash lately and we're harping on our landlady to supply us with a new oven. (so far, she hasn't responded)

    so happy that you are back to cooking properly :)

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  15. Love it! My oven is almost ready for the exit as well. Double ovens....double goodness. Fun post! Kathy (MGCC)

  16. the new oven looks great!! Glad it works wonderfully so far! :)

  17. OH I can't imagine! Traumatizing for sure. But a brand new oven...that makes up for it indeed! How delightful! Can't wait to see all the lovely dishes you pull out of it. :)

  18. How fun to cook and bake with a brand-new stove!! Pumpkin challah sounds yummy - I tried a pumpkin swirl bread last week and it was too good :)

  19. Oh what a great thing a new oven is...love the post about the old one and the adventure of looking for a new one....LOL
    Made MGCC meatloaf again last night in my trusty oven for hubby and a dear friend....We all loved it again....I thank all of you gals for sharing such great recipes.

  20. Your new oven is a beauty. I have often thought a double oven would come in handy. I'll have to keep this one in mind when I'm in the market for a new one.
    An apple pie sounds like the perfect thing to put it to the test.

  21. I am so happy for you! We knew you could cook and bake before, but now we will really see the miraculous:)

    I enjoyed each of your posts so much. The beautiful Salvia, the last bouquet of the season, and the date day working in the flower beds. Your commentary and great pictures make every visit enjoyable for me, and makes me miss it when time does not permit me too.

  22. I've been debating buying that same stove for about 2 years now. Are you happy with it? isn't it a long way down to get the turkey in and out.

  23. Oh two ovens! I am jealous! I do love my smooth top stove though and the convection oven. No more waiting out one pan of buns or cookies at a time - I can do 2 or 3 now and be out of the kitchen in a hurry. And my smooth top heats up faster than the electric coils. You're gonna love that new stove Lovella!


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