turkey talk

lil farm hand said . . "grammie. .
I said. . ."yes love?"
He said. ..".they look a little like penguins"

I said. . ."oh do they?" . .
"I think they look just like turkeys. . .thank you for making such beautiful
thanksgiving decorations".  ..
he nodded . ..he smiled.

Grandgirlie came next with her hostess gift. .
"Grammie" . .she said. ..
"yes love?" . ..I replied.
She said . . "that's my hand"
I said. . ."oh really?   .. .I thought it was a turkey"
She said.  .."yup"

Thank you so much for all the very kind and generous words on our cookbook contract.
It is you. . our friends that make it all possible.

all for now. . .


  1. Oh the gifts of grands make me smile.

  2. Somehow I thought the same...cute Penquins, but nevertheless,,,it's up to our imaginations.
    I loved the turkey hand. How cute.

  3. What penguin has a wattle?? Obviously turkeys :)

  4. That is so cute. I love those penguins...I mean turkeys.

  5. So cute! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hope you had a nice one and made plenty of wonderful memories.

  6. That turkey hand is adorable. Don't you just love those souvenirs from the little ones - I can't seem to let them go, but the collection is getting a bit ragged!

  7. I don't know what's cuter.. the crafts or the kids expressions . . .

  8. Love those home-grown turkeys! My grandgirlie saw one of those penguin-turkeys...and wondered whether she might make some like that as well.

  9. I've never had to jump through any hoops here, Lovella. I choose an identity and am good to go...let's see what happens when I press "publish comment."

  10. It just publishes zip whip like always. Do you have comment moderation on?

  11. What precious memories you will have of these special turkeys.
    I just read about your exciting MGCC news on Judy's blog and wanted to hop over here and congratulate you too as I know it all began with you. As a frequent visitor to the MGCC blog I know this will be a wonderful cookbook. I can't wait to add it to my collection.

  12. I love that the Lil Farmhand fearlessly offers artistic interpetation when needed. I had Laura's little turkey handprint professionally framed a couple of years ago. It is just the right touch on the wall for the Thanksgiving season decorations.

  13. aww - such fun gifts from your grandkids.

  14. They are very sweet Thanksgiving ornaments, Lovella!

    I just put up a new blog post and at the end of it I directed my readers over to MGCC to see the news about the cookbook. I'm so excited about it, and I just know it will be a wonderful success!

  15. Oh, how cute...I love those little turkeys. They are adorable!

    Love the handprint..you should frame it!


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