the beautiful sky

These sunflowers are not from my yard.  ..though I plan to grow a row next year.

I could just lay down under this sort of thing on a bright sunny day.  .
blanket on the grass ..
little sandwiches in a basket. .
a few fresh apples. . .
a thermos of coffee. .
and a good bit of company.

One great thing about blogging is that when you lay out plans ..
everyone knows. .
and someone is bound to ask me how my plan worked out.

Today . .
the chilean miners are seeing the sky.
With the rest of the world. .
I'm watching those reunions...
and smile each time I see those hugs.
The world came together to rescue them and for a short while..
the rest of the news can just wait.

I'm going on a double date.
My beloved has been working on our mode of transportation. .
just wait till you see.
We have a plan. .
and tomorrow. .I'll let you know how it worked out.

All for now . .


  1. ';ll be looking for your truck today - maybe you're heading the same direction we are. Have fun!

  2. Whatever it is you do, have a grand day! I think I heard that the weather is to be good today, so make the most of it!

  3. Have Fun!..I'll be in the back today cheering you on.

  4. Have fun today. It really is wonderful that those miners were rescued. what good news it is...

  5. You chose a good day! Enjoy your double date!! How fun!

  6. What a gorgeous photo of the sunflower against a blazingly blue sky!! Did you happen to see the amazing sunset last night?
    Have a wonderful date day today and I'll come expected a pictoral account of it tomorrow !!!


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