side roads

The best part of the drive is when we can turn off the highway.  ..
and travel along roads that may not necessarily go anywhere. .
We just follow the scenery.

Ultimately though. . .
we always find a town. .
and since our drives are seldom planned ahead of time . .

. . .the picnic is often found at the Drive-thru.

As long as I could sit outside. .
and see a bit of fall ..
I was happy.

His job ..
is to drive. . .until I say stop. .
and then find a place to turn around. . .
and my job is to admire the clearly laid out picture ops.

Have I mentioned that I love autumn?


  1. Yes, in autumn, every turn of the road is a photo op. Great to have a good driver and a good stopper!

    (Oh, the word verification thingy is not working quite right. Just saying so that others who might try commenting would plug anything in at all and then get the retry message where one can see again.)

  2. Lovely pictures of Fall! I too love Fall and enjoy driving around to get a few photo ops. :0)

  3. You two have your afternoon-drive roles well developed! Who's responsible for choosing the picnic/drive-thru site?....just wondering, as that was my Friday lunch with The Great Dane.

  4. I love harvest time....I'm hoping to take some of the same photos this coming weekend...what a wonderful time together.
    Except one thing different...I love then he plays with his GPS and figures out who can go the fastest to the next destination..It becomes a competitive game.

  5. Oh you found some lovely autumn indeed! Glad you have those driving responsibilities down :0) We are blessed to have husbands that stop and turn around for us!

  6. I'm ready for an outing like that...great colours, good food in the great outdoors and a co-operative and cheerful driver to keep you company.

  7. Perfect kind of picnic! Which side road you did you find that tasty looking burger and fries on? I hardly ever order a burger, but when it comes to Whitespot, I rarely have anything else.

  8. Side roads are definitely the best! When you can just go explore and not have any plan but to discover what lies at the end of it!

  9. As much as I enjoy the fall season I found myself stuck on those french fries. I missed your blog posts and really enjoyed my time spent here. You and your driver certainly seem to work well together. Beautiful photography.

  10. Those side road day trips along with a treat or two are just the perfect way to spend a day together.


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