Registered Mail

The little post office in Rosedale British Columbia had not seen such a gaggle of girls with cameras slung around their neck. .
for a long time. .
or perhaps ever.

We were in their neck of the woods that beautiful September day. .
and stopped their to mail our envelope.

What was in the envelope you ask?

The answer can be found at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . .

all for now ..


  1. I am SO excited for you!!! however did you keep that a secret!!! Well, you do seem good about secrets. Can't wait to see the finished book!

  2. Congrats, Lovella! This was your baby and you must be so very proud. I'm delighted for you all!

  3. Oh happy day...the day we mailed the contract & the day we shared our secret!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving Day.

  4. I love that photo ... and I love that the post office is a little country one!

  5. I was Oh so excited when you chose this spot Rosedale to be on the map...I've been waiting for weeks. Just like the rest of us...we all wanted to drop subtle hints.

  6. What a wonderful story this has been. I've enjoyed MGCC so much and have made so many good things from the blog - now I'll have my very own book to write in, spatter on and enjoy!

  7. Extra special for me that you chose Rosedale P.O.. Now I see all the girls in my mind's eye each morning as I pick up our mail.

  8. I've just been reading the announcement over on MGCC and could not be more pleased for you all. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations to everyone , I will be looking forward to this cookbook.
    What wonderful Thanksgiving blessing.

  10. I'm so excited for all of you on getting published. As soon as I read the good news on MGCC this morning I pre-ordered two cookbooks. It is so wonderful that the profits will be used to feed the poor. What a blessing this will be for many! I'm going to blog about the cookbook in my next blog post!

    I know you must have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. That is so incredibly exciting! Congratulations!! :)


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