passport renewal time

So anyways.  . .
it was time.

The last time we went through the Passport Application process. . .
it was a rather overwhelming and daunting process.

On Monday evening. .
we had been at a "going on a cruise" meeting.
It was mentioned rather casually that we should be sure that our passports had 6 months before expiry after the end day of a cruise.

Did you know that?

On the way home from the meeting. .
I said. . ."pull in there. . .I think they might still be open"
He said. . ."will they still do it?"
I said. . ."let's try".

We walked up to the counter. . and nicely requested passport pictures.
"sure" . . .she said. . ."you can pick them up tomorrow".
He had his taken. . .and she showed him the result. . and he was good with it. .
I had mine taken. . .and she showed me the result. . .and I told her to scrap that one.  .
I needed to go home and have a shampoo and blow dry first.

In the morning. . .I did just that and went for my retake. . .
shopped around for 30 minutes. .
picked up our passport pictures and went home to fill out the applications.

I remember the last time we did that. . .
I printed out the empty applications and filled them out. . ..VERY carefully so as not to need to begin again.
This time. ..I filled in the blanks on the computer. . .
read it over. .
printed it off.  .
and had him sign on the dotted line in the box without touching the box sides . . .signed my own. .
checked online to see how the line up was looking at the city office. .
and was on my way.

Once in the office I spotted a friendly looking face. ..
sat down and had a nice chat with a total stranger.
Her number was called. ..
and someone spotted my face. . .
sat down beside me. . .a total  stranger. .
and we had a nice chat.

Once my number was called. .
I had a nice chat with the girl at the wicket.
(I casually wondered and suspected out loud that I was likely not allowed to take pictures in the office. .
she affirmed my suspicion)
She said she was not allowed to blog at home.

Really?  I could not do her job.

Let me just say this. . .
In a world where everything seems to get more complicated.  .
I was a happy girl to have one thing. . .
less complicated.

All for now. .


  1. (I had a job once where I was not allowed to blog. I didn't like that rule much and disobeyed regularly. Not only that, I've kept their site linked on my sidebar to this very day. They should thank me! :D )

    Ohhhh, a fun!!

  2. I best check our passports...think they are still OK for a bit. So there are jobs where blogging is forbidden. Hmmm. Good thing we don't have those kind of jobs!

    I'm off to the travel doctor this morning. Just thinking ahead!

  3. It's fun to have visitors like that...trying to imagine their faces..but they are friendly...maybe they are volunteers.
    Our are good for another first I thought you were using Skype.
    The cruise will be so much fun for you...I can't wait to plan our next.

  4. We did our renewals in September, with that six month rule in mind. At the steep cost of the passport, that means that our five year document is really only good for 4.5.
    Wasn't it a lot easier this time, without the need for guarantor signatures?
    My picture makes me look like the matron at a very old, very bad reform school!

  5. Sounds like a painless experience :0)
    I'm with Judy...happy I don't have a job that restricts my blogging...

  6. I had trouble getting my new passport last month as well because it was a tight window, but i'm happy that the passport process seems a lot more easy now. And i'm thankful you are able to blog :)

  7. Ooh a cruise - so fun!! Won't that make for great blog posts :)

  8. I am already looking forward to some more fun and exciting pictures. I did smile and identify with the washing hair and coming back for the next picture. You write with humor and that makes it so fun to read your blog.

  9. I'm glad your passport renewal was so uncomplicated! I discovered mine was 1 day expired when I went to the tax office to identify myself to obtain an electronic key for filing tax online! It means I am no longer allowed to access my Medicare or tax records- my passwords were removed and I am classed as a "Resident Alien". I've lived in Australia as a permanent resident, citizen of the UK and EU. It will cost me $300 plus to get a new passport and with no income, that ain't going to happen. Therefore I am a stateless person for the foreseeable future, unless they get very totalitarian and lock me in a detention centre with the Sri Lankans and Afghan refugees! Australia- so liberal and democratic!!! NOT!!


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