on merging

In our part of the country. ..
the local governments are taking advantage of a stimulus package offered by the federal governement to boost our economy.
So . .
there is road work from here to there. .

I've had plenty of time to think on drivers whilst I wait in the construction zones.

Generally. . .there are signs offering information about lanes being closed up ahead.
First. ..it seems like a . . ."just sayin" sort of thing. .
Then the next sign . .is a "400 meters ahead. . .single lane traffic)

Tell me the truth. . .what kind of a driver are you?
Are you a stay in your lane until you are merged into the other. .
being the last one to merge?
OR. .
Are you a driver that watches for a possible opening in the traffic to get your spot in the new lane?

Do. . .you pass ten cars and then. . .
begin to merge?

If you are.  .
I just want to tell you something. . .
Be nice. . .
merge with the rest of us. .
and wait your turn.

After (doing the math here now.  ..wait . . too bad blogger didn't have a little clock that turns around while a person has to think. . .). . .36 years of driving. . .
I'm still always surprised at those that drive to the front of the line. .
pretending they don't see they have to merge.

One of these days. .
one of these days. .
I'm going to do it too. .
I'm just going to pretend I don't see the merge sign. .
and I'm going to zip right past the rest of the line up to the front. .
turn on my blinker. .
and wait for that sucker "golden retriever" that always lets people in.

(PS. ..I am smiling)

All for now. .



  1. This has been one year year where we have had much practice in merging...and sitting and waiting...and patience...on our freeway through your part of the valley. I merge when the sign first appears...and I'm not a happy 'golden retriever' about all those who fail to see the signs! Smile.

  2. Same here! On the interstate and even in our small town of 2000, they are redoing all the curbs and repainting the traffic lanes. It has made it an adventure just to get to our very small post office. And, do you know what they are calling it? "Traffic Calmimg". :0) That is what the sign says as you drive into town as it tells you they are using stimulus money to do these projects.

  3. I'm smiling, too. If I do move over I make it really hard for the one who comes to the head of the pack to merge :0) I'm working on being a more relaxed commuter...

  4. This is our experience, too. We have an expression in our corner: "You can't get theah from heah" and it proved so true yesterday with all the construction we encountered. I am a driver who takes those lane closing signs seriously from the very first one and so I tuck in at my first opportunity. Sometimes I realize that there was no need to be so cautious, but how to know? Yes, I am a golden retriever, too. Cute expression that I'm not sure if I've heard before. Perhaps I'll work on being a rottweiler.

  5. You could be writing about driving on the Island this year, Lovella. One construction zone after another - and when one lives on an island with one road as its backbone and no alternative routes you have a recipe for road rage. I have to say that I'm one of those golden retriever types, because that's how I was raised - but it's getting harder to smile and wave.

  6. Tons of construction at this end of the country too. But I have a feeling that our line-ups aren't quite as long as yours.

    Whenever we see impatient drivers (especially if they honk their horns which is considered the height of rudeness here), we always say "They must be from away" :)

  7. You are not kidding about the construction! I guess there will always be those who think their time is more important than others.
    In the end... I wonder how much ahead they really get? I'm just glad I don't have to commute to work and give myself an extra half hour because of road work. There would be days I'd want to start sending the gov. an invoice. .. doesn't sound too much like a golden retriever.

  8. I agree that construction has been crazy! I have to admit, at times I keep driving until I have to merge.. but I always thought that's what youre supposed to do... i figure if everyone merged right at the end, it would keep the flow of traffic better if they did every other car.. otherwise everyone just stacks into one lane really fast and it keeps getting added to.. hmm.. perhaps i will ponder this further the next time i'm stuck in construction traffic..

  9. If I see a sign I obey it at my first opportunity ... and yes.. I will let people in .... BUT I am not very gracious to the ones who drive up as far as they can thinking they can just 'butt in' at the front of the line. I don't think its fair to make the people behind me wait to let in the rude driver!!!

  10. Have had the same thoughts many times this summer during our major construction season EVERYWHERE it seems! I usually got stuck in the middle lane that was having 3 lanes merge into one. It still seems to me that traffic planners could make traffic flow more smoothly starting much further back instead of so close to the upcoming bottleneck. Oh well! Things could always be worse! Glad I'm not sitting in a bus or have to walk!

  11. I usually pull in fairly soon after seeing the sign to merge but I've also been in the position of trying to pull in because I DIDN'T see the sign. Generally I have to practice my Christlike patience when I see other drivers speeding up beside me and cutting in front. Ah well, how else do we learn patience except by having to wait?

  12. I am one that usually pulls in when I see the first signs but don't commend me for that because my attitude towards those who don't is as bad as if I didn't merge. This was an interesting post and certainly made me smile. My dad was a wonderful man but he was not a merger. I smiled tonight as I remembered driving with him.


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