missing the boat or in this case. .the tram

Yesterday we did our annual drive to see the autumn colors.
I had our route all mapped out. .
and was looking really forward to a ride down .. .down. ..down .. .
on the
Hells' gate tram.


When we pulled into the parking lot there were lots of vehicles.

I said. . "good sign"
He said. . ". . .which sign"
I said. .."that there are still lots of cars here"
He said. . ."what does the sign say?"
I said. . "10-4"


I looked at the time. .
and documented it for your amusement.


So. ..we rushed to the fence. .
and watched the last of them come back up.
Last year. .
we missed the last day of the season by one day.
This year. . .we missed the last ride by 10 minutes. .
I'd say we're making great strides. .
wouldn't you?

Happy October everyone.
I hope everything you hope to catch this weekend. .
is yours.
On Monday I'll return to the rest of the ride.

all for now. .


  1. oh no!!!! What a bummer!! Maybe next year! :)

  2. Well shoot! Next year you'll definitely be on that tram!

  3. Oh shoot. For some reason I think I have taken that ride with parents as a kid. Must ask mom. So glad to see fall go swished up your way too. What kind of trees were yellow up your way?

  4. That is so sad! I am sure it would be beautiful. Handy tip... I always double check "things" on the NET before I head out ;)


  5. .......and here I am in Whistler - arrived the day after the Peak to Peak gondola closed!

  6. Oh...oh! I haven't been there in twenty years. Maybe next year...not too late in the day...and not too late in the year!

    I see you found lovely colours!

  7. The ride of a life time...Looks to me like you covered some good territory. Oh...I love these warm dry days...time to play in the garden. Enjoy yourselves, but don't forget to put this on your calendar for next year!!Count down the days!

  8. Thanks for the great chuckle you have given me. Third times a charm as they say. :0)

  9. For some reason you were not meant to be on this year's tram! Love the golden tree-lined lane! We're into the green and gold up here too!

  10. annonymous. . .I know. .I wish I would have checked too. ..thanks for the handy tip.

  11. Aww... that is one place we wanted to go with the kids, but never got there! I did not realize they close for the season. That is good to know... too bad you missed it. Maybe we can catch it with you next time.

  12. Oops! Well the drive was beautiful anyway.

  13. Next year?? Surely you will be early! smile.
    I'm sorry you missed it by soo little time.. but your photos tell of a good time anyway!

  14. What a perfect drive....out weather has been so nice. Maybe next year you will make it on time....maybe we will join you.


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