pulling and cutting back

Date days are not always about lounging and leaving the farmyard in search of entertainment.
Occasionally we take advantage of the time together to tackle garden work and such.
About a month ago I was tempted to begin cutting back perenials because the rain seemed like it might last through fall .. .
but it stopped and I'm glad we gave Autumn 2010 a chance to shine.

We've had such beautiful weather here in the south west corner of Canada but if predictions come true. .
we're in for the worst winter in my lifetime.

The little birds seem to know something is coming because there is not one bird to be seen. .
aside from the crows. .but they don't seriously count.

The leaves are still relatively green on our tulip tree. .
and as I stood beneath our oak tree.  .I hardly saw one acorn. .
I wonder what it means.

We decided. .
that it is much more pleasant to pull annuals and cut back perennials in T-shirts and shorts with the strains of songs of our dating years keeping us in tune in the background. .
than the other option of waiting till we have no choice but to do the  pulling and cutting in jackets and jeans.

I've worked with slimy half frozen impatients and begonias before. .and have decided that I'd rather be an early bird like the rest of them. 

So the photos here today are the before. ..and OH. .how different it all looked when we were done.
Today the forecast is for sunshine. .and after that. . it looks like rain is on it's way.

All for now. .


  1. You mention that the birds have left you. I've noticed that we seem to have more little singing birds than ever! I hear them in the cedar hedges, and they flutter around the roses and perenials in the sunshine. I'm only about 45 minutes east of you, maybe they flew this way? Dairymary

  2. Really? That is the oddest thing ever? We have never had all the little finches leave like this.
    A mystery to be sure.

  3. It is so hard to pull out blooming flowers but I agree with you Lovella, better now then later.
    Birds..the chickadees and nut hatches are around and once in awhile I see the bluejays, esp when I put out peanuts. The finches have left..they know when to get out:)

  4. Hmm...not sure what the advantage is to pulling out now vs. letting the plants mulch out over the winter then clearing in the spring. I'll have to ask the garden center here to find out. Our snow is late this year, but this weekend the nearby hillsides will get dusted pretty good. Last year there at this time the ski resorts were already open. I've read that we could be in for a very cold winter with little snow.

  5. I should do the same thing this weekend Lovella but I won't have time as we are having company Saturday and Sunday. I have a very small backyard and have to grow everything in flower pots. When I discard the plants I put the pots in my garage for the winter. That doesn't sound hard but some of the pots are very large and are so heavy that it takes both my husband and myself to drag them in together. It's a real workout but I like having a fig tree and berry bushes and a lilac bush so I need those large pots! I am really a country girl at heart living in the city..lol!

    I hope the winter will not be as harsh as everyone fears! It may actually be good for some areas, however, as the nasty beetle that is killing the lodge pole trees will finally be killed by a harsh winter.

  6. Hmmm you sound like Pa in The Long Winter :) Hope you have lots of wood - or oil - whatever you use to keep warm!

  7. That was smart of you to get a jump on the pulling and cutting with this great weather!

  8. Picture perfect...we didn't quite make it...our lawn mower broke down on us in our final 30 minutes and there is one unusual strip across my front lawn...
    I always enjoy fall clean up and winterizing...there's that feeling of relaxing beside a cozy fireplace for a few months.

  9. What a beautiful garden around your house. And you are making the most of each day before winter comes.


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