last garden bouquet of 2010

The last bouquet of the season is usually picked for Thanksgiving dinner.
The roses were still blooming so wonderfully and the last buds were brought in to finish opening.
The sedum that is green during the summer turns soft plum in autumn.
The climbing hydrangea adds texture and the bronze elements that match the tablecloth.
The white hydrangea has taken on a ivory hue.

Home grown  . .simple and basically free.

It's nearly two weeks since I picked the flowers.
Yesterday I took one more photo of the arrangement.
The roses have finished . .
so I'll take those out ..
fill the jug with more sedum. .
and hydrangea.

Home grown and . ..
Still free. .

Are you still picking flowers from your garden?
Which flowers are you picking?

All for now ..


  1. My nastursiums are still going strong, the road side mini sunflower are still looking like mini suns, the hibiscus and toad lily, dahlia, johnny jump ups, pans, poppies,larkspur, and B. has bonsai bougenvellia in bloom. Jeff has second bloom going on with his roses. Funny how we have so much still in bloom.

  2. Still picking dahlias; and I'm from the prairies

  3. My zinnias are still blooming and have buds getting ready to bloom soon. :0)

  4. Dahlias for my table and many others...often. And the hydrangeas always have another bouquet to offer.

    Love your fall bouquet.

  5. Down here in the southern U.S. the perennial garden is filled with mums, some type of daisy, Russian Sage, swamp sunflower, lantana & sedum. My hydrangeas just put out one new blue flower. I think I should put it in a vase as it will be the last one until next spring.
    Your Thanksgiving bouquet is beautiful. A perfect centerpiece for the harvest season. The roses are gorgeous.

  6. This is too funny. I grow them in my garden, but never pick them for inside my house...
    Meanwhile I will run to the shop next door and set them in my kitchen. I never seem to arrange them right.
    Just so you know...I had my rings resized yesterday so I could wear them..

  7. No, the hard frosts have done their work. I do have a fuschia still clinging to life and the mandevilla is as well, but no blooms on that. Getting ready for the American Thanksgiving look...stark branches and winterberries. Your bouquet is delightful and so perfectly autumnal and may it continue for weeks!

  8. I'll have to pick my browning hydrangeas and make a bouquet when I get back from Dallas. You've inspired me :0)

  9. My hydrangeas did not bloom well this summer, for some reason, which was disappointing as this time of the year I usually had a nice vase full of scarlet colored ones. Otherwise, all the flowers in my small front and back urban yards are full of impatiens, as they grow well in the shade. They are still going strong as we have not had a frost as yet.
    In the areas of my yard which receive sun I plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs and berries...all in flower pots! I made a few bouquets from herbs this summer and was quite pleased with the results.

  10. Hi Lovella.. last I checked the rosebushes were full of buds.they will probably freeze that way ... but if the frost stays away the fall roses are someimes the prettiest.

  11. Love those last flowers of the season! Makes me realize I didn't bring in nearly enough bouquets during the summer.

  12. Your flowers are gorgeous! You have made me want to plant a rose garden next year.


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