fall crop

This is the view from my office window.
The neighbors across the street pulled out the raspberries and have planted fall rye to replenish the soil and keep the soil from heading our direction once the northeast winds start to blow.
The window is not eye level.
The bungalow has old style windows that force one to stretch ones neck while seated.
That is just as well since it is nearly the only exercise I've seen this week.

My other most likely forms of exercise have been refilling my mug. .
and walking to the refrigerator to see which leftovers I can disguise for dinner.
It seems so ironic that our meals are either feast . . on days that the camera is needed to photograph the food. .
or famine leftovers on days when the camera is not needed.

That's the way it goes.

I did take a break this afternoon when I realized my recipe is scheduled for Saturday and it hadn't been made yet.
I made it. . .we licked the pot clean with our afternoon cup of coffee and I'm back here in the office again.

Can you guess what the recipe will be?

All for now. .


  1. No, I can't guess, but I know this: it will be good. All this is just another reason why husbands love to have wives blog. They can count on a variety of menu selections at least 50% of the time. Why even I made those pumpkin bars for photographing even if I didn't make it into an entire post...wait a minute, on second thought, I did. Oh well, they are yummy.

    Love that view from your window. Does this mean that they won't have raspberries anymore?

  2. Blogging has added a whole new dimension to baking and cooking :) My only problem is light - I'd rather bake on grey days but that doesn't make for good photography. I think I'll look into some artificial daylight type bulbs that don't cost an arm and a leg! Do you use any extra lights?

  3. I can guess...but then I have some inside information!

    I know whereof you speak...when the most strenuous exercise of the day is the re-filling of the coffee mug.

  4. OH boy. .Island sparrow. .photographing food is a whole different subject. I think I'll do a post on that too.
    Personally ..the best light for me is overcast outside ..but only in summer. Inside, I generally photograph under flourescent. .but that certainly is not ideal.

    Vee ..I'm curious too to know what my view will be next summer. I expect they'll replant the berries.

  5. That field and beyond is a lovely sight right now. Love the colors.
    What will you be posting on Saturday??? I have no idea but I think I know how I could find out.

  6. What a gorgeous view! Wishing you great success with your cookbook and loads of fun in the process.

  7. A pot-licking-good recipe?! Well, I'll be back!

  8. What a pretty view you have from your office window.
    I can't imagine what your recipe will be, but if it's pot licking good, you can bet I'll be back to check.

  9. Did I miss a clue in the post? I simply cannot guess but I DO know it will be yummy! Wait, I had better check out the blog as it will be there right?

  10. Hello Lovella,

    I am now in England..and have been for four months...the MGCC website helps me get in touch with my Mennonite roots (haha!(: )..is teaching in a Mennonite school permission to be grafted in??!!
    Anyway I continue to love and be inspired by your blog and your incredible gift of writing!


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