The failed date and celebration

Here in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia we take our vehicle emissions very seriously.
If your vehicle is more than five years old it must pass an emissions test before it can be considered road worthy and insurable.
You are allowed to get a three month conditional drivers pass if you at first do not succeed. .
but then after that. .
the vehicle must pass. .
or there is no insurance. .
and no driving.

At first . . . the SIXTY year old Merc did not pass.
We took our conditional pass and drove willy nilly here and there for three months. .
and loved every minute of it.

All things must eventually be sorted out . . .
and his day had come.
With tweaking on the timing. .
new catalytic converters to burn up the emissions. .
we went on a date to drive him through for an emissions examination.

He did not pass.
We went home and continued to adjust. .
and my beloved went alone on the date to see about try #2.
He did not pass.
My beloved took the Merc to see his hot rod buddy Ken. .
and together they tweaked a bit more.
He took it alone. . .for test #3.
He did not pass.
Meanwhile. . .
I had given up on date day. .
and proceeded alone.
He phoned me from the vehicle emissions testing facility. .
having just spent the remainder of date day money on test  #4. .
he did not pass.

The next morning. .
he did what any sensible man would do. .
he called the man in charge in the city. .
had a chat. . .
told him about the Merc being far to aged to do well on examinations.
The man at the desk. ..
pulled up the test results on his screen. .
and agreed that missing the test. . .
four times by such a narrow margin was indeed worth calling about.

The good man. . .recommended a PASS.

Yesterday. .
we drove to our insurance company. . .
bought our insurance. . .

and went on our date.

Can anyone tell me what I drank?
Have I mentioned I love Autumn?

All for now. . .


  1. That's what you call persistence! The photo looks like your hubby has the stir stick in your giant cup, lol! I have no idea what those hieroglyphics mean! No caffeine, 1/2 syrup, extra hot something or other! Glad you enjoyed it and celebrated!

  2. A Starbucks pumpkin something...

    Your hubby is tenacious. A very good thing!

  3. Oh...I remember the failed attempts at Air Care with our old car. We too were thankful for the help of an 'air care' employee in getting our ultimate PASS. Congrats on getting your driving papers!

    I have no idea what they mixed up for you at Starbucks...but it was well-deserved!

  4. I'd say a decaf, 1/2 sweet, extra hot pumpkin spice latte :)
    glad your hubby persisted with AirCare and you got to go out on your date :)

  5. Glad that it behind you.....and I raise my coffee cup to yours as you sip on a it low (or no) fat pumpkin latte.....extra hot! I know there is more to it than that, but only your barista would know for sure. Love those pumpkin lattes....with whipped cream of course!

  6. Well done! Sometimes ya gotta just go around the darn system...
    I'm also guessing a pumpkin latte or something like that...

  7. The first sip of the first Pumpkin latte is to fall as the first sniff of evergreen Christmas tree scent is to Christmas/Winter.

    Wish you could try the JambaJuice seasonal Pumpkin Smash smoothie. Perfect for warmer Indian summer fall days.

    If the world dies due to global warming due to emissions, I will totally blame T. and winking Canadian emmission standards. When you go for your next drive in the Merc, let me know. I will know to stay inside until the air clears.

    (Kidding, of course!)

  8. Starbucks (of course) decaf, 1/2 sweet, nonfat, extra hot, extra foam pumpkin spice latte - cheers!

  9. Oh.. congratulations on passing!!!Finally! Wishing you many happy hours roaming about in that old Merc. Poor thing... how could he keep up with all the young ones? I'm sure the putsing he does will not harm anyone.
    I'm bad at reading those scribbles...the suggestions sound good.

  10. At first I thought your sbux cup meant that you had 42 pumps of syrup. Then i realized that was excessive and upon further inspection, I realized it meant half pumps. :) Good thing I double checked! ;) Hope you enjoyed your pumpkin spice latte! And hooray for aircare passing!

  11. It has been a long time, maybe never, that one of my friends has missed a weekly date night because of a Merc and it's emission test. I do admire his persistence and his determination. Definitely the coffee drinks were deserved. Hope you have many more fun Merc dates together and that I don't read any smog headlines from your part of the world:)

  12. OHH ! I love when I hear that there are still places in our crazy world where commen sense prevails !!!!!
    YEAH ! Congrats to the Merc for a final PASS... and to his owner for not giving up on him ! smile...
    Can't guess what you are drinking .. hope the formula isn't one that Terry came up with for the tweeking of the Merc's engine !! smile....

    (my word verification is trumsoll --- SOOO close to Trumps All! smile.

  13. You're so cute with your coffee cup guesses. And I second Kelly. Being a SB lover myself, I know exactly what you ordered. Was it everything you dreamed of and more?


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