Double date on the double bike

Yesterday morning..
swung by our place and we loaded all our bikes into the back of the truck and headed to the city.

We travelled through North Vancouver to the Horseshoe bay ferry terminal were we purchased tickets for a twenty minute ferry ride to Bowen Island.

We parked our bikes . . .
on the Queen of Capilano . .

 . .stopped at the coffee bar and then relaxed for the quick sail across the ocean waters.

Once across . .
we toured the island . .
both on the bikes . .
and off the bikes.
On the bikes happened most often when we were going down hiles ..
Off the bikes. . happened during the many trips back up the hills.

I definately had the better end of the stick.
I do my fair share of pedaling at the back of the bike.

They almost had a tandem bike .. they put a good deal of effort into aligning their tires.

We stopped at a lake . .
and stood beneath the small dam.

It is a great little island to visit . .
and we were so glad we saved this outing for fall with school in session. .
we had the trails to ourselves.

We found a bike park that likely has never seen a bike like ours.

We tried their jumps.

We took pictures. .
lots of them.

I did my fair share of photography from the back of the bike.

Judy. ..did her fair share too. .
always wondering when her battery would give it's last bit of juice.

We found a perfect little restaraunt. .
on the recommendation of a local.
It was plenty warm enough to eat outside.

After lunch we found more trails.  .

since we had heard that icecream was at the top of the hill.

Eventually we had to find our ferry ride home.

I can never resist a British Columbia flag.

We found our coffee shop on the ferry once more.

We arrived back at Horseshoe Bay in time to see a ferry loading for Nanaimo.

All days are not this perfect .  .but I sure wouldn't mind if they were.

Have I mentioned how much I love autumn?

With a few hours to spare. .
we made one more stop. .
and I'll load of those pictures tomorrow.

all for now..


  1. Sweet! An island all to yourselves to explore at will, and good places to get a bite to eat too. Lovella you are so blessed to have such fun friends/relatives, and a tandem bike to boot!

  2. What a perfect day...Now I know what kind of event to plan for our next MGCC party...Sounds like a good time had for all.
    I was surprised to see you on a wonder you can snap photos along the way...that's called real team work.
    Are you stiff?

  3. what a beautiful day for a fun adventure like that! :)

  4. It was a gorgeous day, wasn't it? I've never been to Bowen Island, so the tour was appreciated!

  5. Good for you guys for getting out there and enjoying the scenery! I can see how legs could be very tired after this jaunt!

  6. What a fun day and great pictures! Looks like something you'll want to do again.

  7. I was thinking that tandem bike is handy for the photographer lady! Looks like the perfect day.. except for the hills.

  8. Now you know how to have fun!

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  10. Oh, such fun! What a wonderful day to get out and enjoy a bike ride and a day spent with friends! I've been trying to convince Doc for years that we need a tandem bike...I'll show him this and perhaps he'll consider it.

  11. Oh....I felt myself really looking forward to going there...with you guys! Kathy

  12. Found myself looking forward to going there with you guys! How fun for the 4 of you.

  13. Ooh! lately i have totally been wanting to take my bike over to one of the islands for the day! Your pictures made me want to do it even more! Looks like the perfect day! :)


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