colorful stones ..then and now

I really cherish the bits of jewellery my mom left for me.
I wear her engagement ring on my pinkie finger . .and her golden wedding ring on my other pinkie finger.
Though she passed away 15 years ago. .there is rarely a day that goes by when I don't have at least a fleeting thought about her.
Some of the pieces that I have displayed for you over their wedding photo are items that were handed down to her.
The name brooch Tienchen.  .was my grandmother's.  She died when I was two years old.
I don't remember her at all.. .
but have been told many times that she held me on her lap and rocked me knowing that her time on earth was short.  I think about that once in awhile when I hold my two year old grands.

Most of the other things.  .
have histories that I do not know about but I hold them dear since they meant something to her.
They were carefully put away and came to me when she passed away.
The butterfly brooch has always been one of my favorites.
Colored stones.  .
arranged rather attractively. .
some would say gaudy . .
but I say. . .
"it was my mom's".
I've worn it often and have recently felt inclined to pin it on my sweaters again.

Several weeks ago I was shopping with my girls. .
and while they browsed the racks. .
Little miss muffet and I wandered throughout the store.  .
looking for pretty things.
It struck me how similar this really inexpensive brooch was to my butterfly at home.
I mentioned it to her.  .
and told her that someday she might have a pretty little butterfly with stones like that.

The locket that my mom wears around her neck in her wedding picture. .
is often around my neck.
I am requested to open it often.
They know already who they will find inside.
It's Grammie's mommy and daddy.

All for now . .


  1. What a sweet photo of your parents - all the trust and hope in the future is in their eyes.
    I, too, have some pieces from my god mother and grandmother. When The Great Dane's mother died I was given all her bits and pieces as well. Over the past 10 years I've tried to distribute them to her nieces and grand nieces in Denmark - there's still something for our daughter, but it's lovely to see how much it means to the girls on the other side of the ocean, to have something passed on to them - something that may also have belonged to their great grandmother.

  2. what a beautiful legacy. You are blessed. Thanks for your great posts

  3. How lovely this post is. The photo of your parents is really cool. Boy do I see you in your parents but mostly your mom. The stones in those 2 broaches really are similar...

  4. Treasures such as these are so valued not for their beauty, though they are lovely, but for the story behind them. Don't think that your little grandgirlie will forget what you've told her. I remember my grandmother telling me such things and I'm still waiting. ;>

  5. I love wearing those pieces...but it's interesting...I have something to think about...Is it better to wear my mother's rings, fear I loose them or just keep them in my drawer as keep sakes?
    I think I'm going to start wearing them....right now!

  6. Loved hearing about and seeing the jewelry from your mom. Precious things.

  7. Keepsakes to be treasured...used...and passed along one day. I like that!

  8. Treasure your treasures and WEAR THEM! My Mom was robed in July of this year and all they took was jewelry. But what they took was the most precious.Wedding rings from her great grandmother and grandfather, her grandmother and her mother and fathers. Pocket watches again from those men dated from the 1850's. Pins, rings jewelry that my now gone father gave her. So much she just cries. Gifts from her parents, grandchildren and children. Insurance can't replace the memories. We are not ones to sell stuff. She can't give to me now and she regrets not giving it sooner. It's the memories the pieces invoked not the monetary worth. It hurts deeply and we pray for those who did this deed. You're pieces are not gaudy - they are beautiful memories. WEAR them Lovella, they do no good tucked away in a dresser drawer. Let your grands see you wearing them so they have memories ...

  9. A beautiful picture of your parents Lovella - you look like your mom.I remember my mom having some of that kind of jewellery too - too bad I didn't appreciate it as much then as I do now. I don't know where it all went...

    Like your fall layout too. Almost makes me want to move to blogspot!

  10. How nice to see how you are keeping a piece of your mom with you each day by wearing her rings.
    Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my mom's death. Her jewelry is sitting in her dresser in my guest room. Until now I haven't been ready to face it. After reading your post, I think I will spend a part of tomorrow looking through her things and deciding how to best use them to keep her memory alive.

  11. I love this post. You are looking more and more like your mom. She would love knowing how much you are enjoying her pieces. Fall is the perfect time to pin those on sweaters. I have been pinning mine to sundresses this week. A wee bit of bling is always in vogue.

  12. The wedding photo of your parents is beautiful, Lovella. I have a locket very much like the one your Mother gave to you which my husband gave it to me on our first anniversary. Now that I know that I am expecting a granddaughter in the spring I am happy to know I will be able to pass it on to her.

  13. I like your sentimentality. It truly encourages my heart to hear you talk about your mother and dad and the heartfelt memories you have of them. What a good looking couple! Your mother's jewelry has a lovely vintage look to it and I love that you wear it today. Quite honestly, your post made me want to give my mother a hug. Thank you for sharing the special love you have in your heart for them. I really enjoy my visits here.

  14. I love the photo of your parents - I see a definate resemblance in both your parents.
    My mother loved pretty jewelry and had alot of it when she died. My sister and I picked what we wanted and then invited our daughters and DIL's to choose their favourites as well as several things for our granddaughter(s). It touches me how each girl values the memories of my mom that the jewellry they chose invokes. I incorporated my mom's anniversary ring into my wedding ring set and think of her everyday as I wear it.
    My sister and I share my mom's locket and one of her mother's with pictures of grandma and grandpa when they were in their late teens. They are so precious to both of us.


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