broth art

I was making turkey broth last week.
After the carcass was well simmered. .
I removed the bones and left the broth to cool so I could refrigerate it and take off the fat before adding vegetables and rice.

I came back to put it in the refrigerator. .
and though I know it would not be classified as beautiful art. .
I did think it had a rather interesting design.
I was going to dismiss it as . . .oh ..weird. .
but then thought of you and though I have not one speck of interesting news for you today ..
I thought I could draw you over to read my post by the title alone.

You are a sporting lot.
You come. and go. .
but you always come back.

I thought perhaps I could invite you to take a closer look at your broth art next time you are simmering up a carcass.
If you have interesting broth art. .
do tell.

all for now. .


  1. oh my dear lovella, you have me smiling so early in the morning.
    that is typical you....finding beauty in anything....even broth ;0)

  2. Well it is artsy now isn't it? I can see some fabric pattern worked up from it. Perhaps you could model the outfit that might result! :D This proves again that many subjects are blog worthy.

  3. Interesting that we always get to choose what we want to write.
    Regardless it's fun to come back...Oh have you seen the sunrise?
    Something for tomorrow's post. It awes the heart thinking of our Creator.
    Our broth was just finished yesterday, regardless of art it tasted fantastic.

  4. It is an interesting pattern - maybe I should do a post on porridge as it cooks - the bubbles have always fascinated me - but I think that's more of a stretch than broth art. Hmmm kitchen art? Maybe we're on to a whole new thing!!

    Happy Tuesday Lovella - just to hear hello from you brightens our day!

  5. Yep you had me hooked by that title for sure! :0)
    The patterns are quite artful for sure...

  6. I shall stare into my broth next time..:)

  7. 'Good' and 'beauty' are where you look for them, are they not?
    Its a beautiful day!

  8. Not sure what I would find here today! Fun post!

  9. Whew...I wondered what broth art might be! Fun.


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