the annual ride

The Victorian Salvia's still so beautiful ..
left for their annual fall ride.

They held their heads high.  .
though they were a bit put off that they were yanked with their roots  . .
and unceremoniously loaded into their convertible for the short but memorable annual ride to the compost pile.

All for now. .


  1. Aw, poor things! :) I'm just noticing our temp is 32F so am wondering what my plants look like outside. I really need to pick some herbs to dry -- maybe today.

    Thanks for your prayers for Laura. We are so glad to be home.

  2. How is that convertible propelled? It looks a little snazzier than my garden wheelbarrow!

    So sad to see the last of was beautiful!

  3. We are doing the same this week but Roger and I couldn't bring ourselves to yank our lavatera - I guess we'll pay when we have to dig them out all black and mushy or even worse - frozen!

  4. Seems to me there's an analogy here - having to be decisive and even a little ruthless about removing certain things in our lives. They've served their purpose, beautiful though they may have been, and it's time to make room for the next phase of growth and/or rest. Your post had me thinking - that's good! I'm with you on doing yardwork when I want to before I HAVE to!

  5. They're looking pretty lively for their final ride. LOL!

  6. Just like Judy...I'm smiling at your wheelbarrow...I think it's time that our JD garden tractor makes a trip to the compost pile. I wonder if it would get recycled?

  7. Checking here with snow forecasted. No one is pulling up anything yet. In fact most gardens are looking great. You all up North are a grim group of garden reapers and I think T. needs to find a good book on dating ideas. And please do not let B. quote you that it was a great date!

  8. Awww... I NEVER kill anything that isn't dead yet!! smile...
    I'm fascinated with your new template that floats the leaf over the words but under the photos.. very pretty!

  9. I smile at your view ... where is their reward? I guess you have to do what you have to do.

  10. As hard as it is to pull them up, those last annuals would be a horrid slimy mess if left too long. How do I know? Well, from experience, of course!
    Now, back to work for me!


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