trip to endodontist

Can you believe that no had ever asked the dental assistant to take a picture of the patient before?

Sure . . .
I was afraid of the dentist back when I was a young thing and the old school dentist wanted to get the syringe in and out before I had a chance to run away but the last thirty-five years of my dentist visits have proved to be relatively pain free.
Dentistry has taken on a bit of a spa like atmosphere.
When I entered in the Endodontist's waiting room ..
my eye was drawn to the beverage counter. ..
and the lap top computer set up for the patients that have need to check on their "business back home".
Packaged cookies and current magazines were arranged perfectly on the coffee table. . .
but alas  ..they were far too punctual for me to enjoy the freebies.

I was led slowly into the "special" room (much like the spa girls do)  ..
 and my handbag was carefully tucked away.
I was offered  an ibuprofen for a preop . .post op bit of free of pain insurance. . .
and then I was given a brand new tube of lip balm to keep my lips moist during the procedure.
The endodontist then came in and greeted me with such enthusiasm I could only conclude that I was in for some good times.
My head was lowered and my feet were raised .. .
and what I suspect was a syringe was oh so gently inserted into my gum.
Then. .
he left. .
and she stayed.
She put the raincoat on my tooth.while she chit chatted easily about her three year old and by the time her Walmart story had found it's end. .
he was back and quickly onto the task at hand.
As I told my beloved upon my return to the farm. .
he could unscrew those bad nerves and  and carve out the disagreeable pulp with his eyes closed.
A little clove aromatherapy was wafting through the air and I turned my thoughts to baking.
Within an hour she was left to "close up".
Just before being escorted to the pay up chair. .
I was handed my treat bag with post procedure necessities.

I hope I never have to go back ..
but if I do . .
I`ll look forward to my new tube of lip balm . .
and my bit of chocolate as soon as the syringe full of numb juice wears off.
Sure. ..those treats were the most expensive ones I've had in awhile ..
but are we not a fortuante lot to live in a land where endodontists live too?

Updated at 10:02 AM
Guess who called?
Dr. Bittner. . .asking after my well being.

All for now. .


  1. I can't believe this photo! I thought I was the ONLY one who took a self-portrait in the dental chair ... looking just like this! lol

  2. A very striking, yet vulnerable pose!

  3. I chuckled when I saw this photo..I really have never thought to have a photo taken while in the dentist chair!
    The treats were almost worth the trip:)

  4. Love the photo!
    I'm glad things went well. :0)

  5. Lovella, only you!! What a great photos - now we know what we look like when we're in the chair.
    I spent a fair amount of the end of May and the beginning of June in such a chair but things went badly, and I'm sad to say that I'll have to leave my old dentist and find a younger version who has some new techniques up his sleeve.

  6. In one-hundred years...only Lovella will have left a record of a trip to the endodontist! Love it. And I'm glad you survived to tell of it.

  7. Great post, super photos. Even though you look like you're trussed up and in pain, sounds like the visit went well for you. Nice that you've overcome your childhood fears! My dentist has a TV in the ceiling, and headphones, so his patients can ignore the buzzing and swishing and jaw-struck pose they're forced to hold.

  8. I must admit that dental procedures have progressed much since our childhood but I still don't like to go. and my dentist tucks a nice little blanket around me and never hurts me one little bit. Maybe I need to tell her about the treat bags :)

  9. Yes, I was going to ask, which dentist do you go to? Treat bags? I still only get a toothbrush and floss...does not remind me of a spa .. but I will be thinking of you when I go and get my crown soon.

  10. This dentist's wife is thrilled to hear such a positive report from the dental chair experience! Sounds like you were treated royally, too. Don't you just love the rubber dam, er, raincoat for your tooth? ;)

  11. Trust me. It's not like that at my dentist's office. A poster warning against sugar and a tattered copy of an old magazine are the perks. He is a gentle person and tries not to pain... So this wonderful description sounds like a good experience. Loved the relaxed photo!

  12. I think the next time I MUST go to the dentist, I'll take my ipod and let them have a read of this post :)
    Glad the experience wasn't a bad one for you!

  13. This is one I've never dreamed of before! A photo in the dental chair. So glad to hear the experience was not traumatic...and look at the goodies you got to bring home.

  14. Oh Lovella! As I was reading about your experience it sounded so familiar and I thought could it be the same place I was at on Monday morning @ 7:20. Then I saw the name and I laughed. Too bad we didn't go on the same day.



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