Strawberry Picking and Making Jam

Yesterday it was my turn to plan date day.
So. . .
I treated him to breakfast .. .
and then told him where to drive ..
and we picked a few pails of berries. . . .

 . .and then I let him go to the shop.
I washed them and laid them out to dry on paper towels.
I sliced up enough for six bags . .
and then I pulled out the packet of Refrigerator Jam mix that my friend Hilda told me about.

It suggests 4 cups of finely chopped fruit.
I used a potato masher and mashed about 4 1/2 cups because we like our jam soft.
Then I added the 1 1/2 cups of white sugar and let it sit 15 mintues.
Then . .I slowly stirred in the packet mix and stirred for a few minutes. .
and voila. .
we have jam.

I've never been a big fan of freezer jam.
This jam however is a winner.
I bet you would never know it is freezer jam.
Since I expect you'll ask where I bought my packet. .
it was the same place that Hilda told me she bought hers. .
at the super store.

Happy Picking.
All for now...


  1. Beautiful strawberries..I can almost taste that looks delicious!!

  2. Freezer jam is my favorite now! I did the same as you with all the strawberries I had left over. I had bought way too many for the fellowship time after mom's funeral. I also increased the amount of strawberries. I bought 3 different brand names of the mix and all gave equally satisfying results. Yum!! Your strawberries look better than mine did - mine were a little too large! Great photos!!

  3. I'll have to try that - so far I've had great luck trying any number of things I've seen on your blog - that lipstick, the mascara, the little floor steamer.......

  4. I prefer the strawberry freezer jam to the cooked...and have used that particular recipe in the past as well. I think I better make a wee bit of strawberry jam...quick...before the season is done!

  5. Oh I hope I can find that packet of magic here in the states. This is jam I might be able to make :0)

  6. This looks delicious and so easy!!! I'm going to have to try it, if I can find it here. :0)

  7. At this point my kids would probably be quite upset if I chose not to cook my jam for 1 1/2 minutes before freezing it... but cook or no cook... it's the freezing part that preserves the best, fresh tasting jam ever! Especially using locally grown strawberries!

    My word verification is facte

  8. I've used this product for strawberries, raspberries and even blackberries for the last ten years or so, and love it... so easy to use, quick, cleanup and be done, ready to enjoy all winter...on toast, on buns for Faspa, on ice-cream...Mmmm!

  9. You plan interesting dates! Some folks would consider that to be obtaining free labor, but as always, it is the company that makes a task either pleasant or painful. I imagine it was a most pleasant outing for both of you!

    (I wish I was good at photoshop...I could have photoshoped the truck to have a massive pile of berries in the back!)

  10. I like that--very easy boiling jars, etc, etc. It looks delicious.

  11. Wishing my ham was made. i just may have to do that tomorrow....and make fresh buns to go with. Kathy

  12. Those berries are beautiful? Where did you pick?
    I have been supporting the Rotary Club for the past three years - getting my berries picked, washed, hulled & in a big bucket ready to use... so quick & easy, but we miss the "whole berry" experience that way.

  13. You took your hubby picking strawberries for a date? And he bought that? Ha! I'm sure that he did now that he has all this beautiful jam. I wonder if we have that product in my corner. I might become a jam maker after all.

  14. I have never been a fan of freezer jam, but after seeing yours Lovella, I might reconsider. Yours looks delicious. I bet you had fun with your date.Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for sharing another secret...We all learn from each other. Super Store? I was just about to make freezer jam...I might change my mind.

  16. I've never been a fan of freezer jam either - I always cook and bottle it - and then freeze it. Just copying my MIL.

    But I think I'll try yours and just see what it tastes like. My men are traditionalists so I may have to sneak it in :)

    And hooray - our strawberries are ready - it's early for us. They're so big and lucious!

  17. I think it sounds like a fun day and profitable day. Freezer jam is what I grew up with and I think it is so good. I would love to try this way of making jam. It sure does look good, not to mention your photography skills are the best!

  18. Thanks for info as I was in a jam as I thought about freezer jam...going to have try this one.
    Where did you (or should I say your "date") pick the berries?

  19. I have made both; freezer and cooked,both are good, the freezer being quick, easy and sugar is cut down........ I gave my daughter a few jars; her girls prefer using it as an ice-cream topper, as well as in smoothies!.... now there's a creative way to go, eh?

  20. This is perfect! I'm thinking of my frozen strawberries in the freezer. I could take out a package one cold wintery day and we could .. have instant strawberry jam for breakfast!
    On second thought - why wait for winter!

  21. I always only make freezer jam. It tastes so much fresher!

  22. Love your post Lovella. I think my mom has made strawberry freezer jam every year of my life, and I've made my own the last 3 years. We love it and it always runs out before the next summer.
    A few years ago I started using a similar pectin, made by Bernardin, it came in an envelope and used way less sugar than the original certo/bernardin pectin recipes required, but still tasted just as good.

    Unfortunately I can't find it in any stores this year, just the no sugar variety, which is sweetened with splenda and isn't as good.

    I went to Superstore (Chilliwack) today to find the one you suggest and they don't have it. Any tips on where/when you got yours?
    Thanks very much.

  23. Annonymous. .I noticed that Canadian Tire has the Bernardin variety. .you might try there for that one.

  24. hi Lovella,
    Last year I found the recipe for berry filled scones on your blog.For some reason the page with the recipe is now not available. Are you able to send me the recipe?
    Thank you


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