still about the peonies

Yesterday Karin said this in the comments  . .

"The other little factoid I seem to recall is that white peonies should be off by themselves or else they will not maintain their purity, but have tiny streaks of the red or pink in them. Do you know - is this true??
Just curious".
Karin. . .LOOK!

As soon as I read your comment I ran out to look at the pure white peony that I planted beside the massive pink one.
See the white bud in the background?
It wants to be white. .
and yet once it opens. .
it can't help itself.
It blushes.
So now. . .
I'll plant another pure white peony on the far side of the farmyard.
The white peony needs to be far away from the 304 peony buds that apparently have strong leadership skills and  know how to persuade their lily white neighbor who to follow along.
The Japanese peony is on the other side of the garden looking across at them all. .
doing it's own thing.

Leaders, followers, trendsetters, and ones that  enjoy being alone .. .
See yourself in the peony lineup?

All for now. . .


  1. i think i am like the white peonies.....put we in with the strong influences of strong women and i will take on some of their wonderful characteristics....
    i think this is true for all of be careful who you plant yourself next too....
    so glad i am planted next to wonderful

  2. Charlotte made the comment I had in my head!....all about the company we keep!
    I am trying to grow peonies this year, but there's no evidence of a bud, so I'll enjoy yours for now.

  3. perhaps that is why God's instruction book on how to live life warns us that bad company corrupts good character :)

  4. I just love the way you take nature and happenings around you and share a truth with us all. It's interesting, though, that the way we see ourselves (or maybe the way we want to be) isn't always how others see us. Just my little struggle today!

  5. Ah, beautiful post and more lovely peonies! I see that gorgeous, blushing one! Thanks!! As Christ followers though we don't have to be standing alone far out in left field to maintain our purity....just need to bloom where He has planted us. There's just so many ways God's creations can speak to us, aren't there!! I think I'm the red one, washed by the blood, affecting others for HIM...

  6. Such good thoughts about peonies and about life. I agree that we take on the characteristics of those we spend a lot of time with. I also like Karin's comment that we need only bloom where we have been planted...and God does the changing.

  7. Oh I can see I'm going to be out some more money after seeing these lovely varieties of peonies...
    How interesting about the white peonies...

  8. Your yard is amazing....thanks for letting me walk in your garden. Kathy

  9. You sure Julie isn't writing this post? Seems like a perfect lesson from God via nature.

    Yes...very few people can remain true to themselves in the midst of differences unless they become stand off-ish or stay with their own kind. Reminds me of the Jews and the Mennonites.

  10. Your peonies are beautiful...I like that the white one is blushing...I wonder what this means? I'd probably be more comfortable over there on the other side near the Japanese peony, however, off by myself.

  11. I had to laugh at Jill ...
    interesting post .... beautiful peonies! You got a nice picture of the bee. I tried - they move around so quick!

  12. That Japanese peony is nothing like I've ever seen before. Very fancy. Also, I didn't know that white peonies blushed!

  13. It's wonderful to see how you get your inspiration....and how you analyze it to leadership.
    This is so awesome Lovella.
    That is the beauty of working together in a group..each one brings something special.

  14. I think I see a good life lesson in this post. As a mother I had tried to share this principal with my girls...the strong influences others that we spend much time with can have on them. I will never look at a white peony the same way again.

  15. How odd! Wonder if that's what happened to mine except that it is all alone so guess not. I like the pink blush a lot, though.

  16. If I think of white as 'colourless' and Jesus as the brilliant Rose of Sharon .. then I - as a white peony- want to be planted as close to Him as possible to take on His hues!

    That is such an interesting detail about peonies!!!!

  17. I just had a moment - first time in ages - and thought I would stop by. I wonder if the weather or soil affects their colour. I only have one peony, and it is white, except for this year. It has a beautiful pink hue to it. I don't see any other peony in the neighbours' yards to influence mine. Hmmm... I wonder...


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