Pretty rosy

It certainly has not been warm so far  .. .
and yet we haven't had much rain to speak of either.
It has been perfect for the roses.
They appreciate moist soil and moderate temperatures.

Abraham Darby my favorite David Austin rose is blooming and offering it's slightly citrus Rosy scent in the garden.

We've just  had our dinner out in the tent  . ..
turned up the heat . ..
and enjoyed the first warm evening we've had in ages.

 I'd love to be able to linger here and chat. . .
but as I post this to schedule for tomorrow . . .
the tent has one remaining occupant.

Three minutes to load my pictures . . .
Three minutes to fill the spaces in between with a thought or two . .
One minute to let spell check work it's magic .. .

All for now . ..


  1. Beautiful. Isn't God amazing!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. Excellent photos of God's stunning creation! Wow, I enjoyed seeing these! Your photos need to be on postcard, greeting cards, calendars, etc. etc.

  3. Your photos are so lovely! I can almost smell the roses.

  4. I can smell those roses! We have a bloom or two, but nothing like yours, yet!

  5. Love those old-fashioned roses. Did you make it in 7 minutes?

  6. It seems as if we're all racing around this summer. Lovely, lovely roses. No wonder that they're some of your favorites. Stay warm now...until it's time to stay cool.

  7. Your flowers are so yard is lacking right now and i have decided with a busy summer to just keep up with what I have and not add anything...although I see that in fall I will remove or move some as things are a little thick. I'm coming for manure next year. I can smell those blooms from here. Kathy

  8. Your roses are so beautiful Lovella! I bet they smell amazing:)

  9. And that's why Scotland is perfect for roses too. I miss my roses. I had 7 bushes over there and haven't been up to trying them here in hot indiana. BUT, my family gave us a rose bush for Laura's baptism -- a Knockout Rose which is supposed to do really well here in IN. Nothing to compare with your David Austin rose though -- it is GORGEOUS!!! Wish I could smell it.

  10. Oh Lovella,
    Your roses are absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen. They are my favorite. . . . . Pink roses. . . does it get any better than that? Thanks for sharing the pictures. . . . I could look at them all evening. . . . .
    Debbie M.


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