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Have you received your June issue of Insight for Living Canada?
I just couldn't get over how much the two on the cover resembled my own beloved and his lil' farm hand.
It reminded me of those booths at the fair where you can have your photo inserted onto famous magazine covers.

The two on the cover of this issue would not care one speck if their faces ever made it on a magazine cover .. .
or on a blog post either for that matter .. .
but they go with the flow ..
such flexible guys they are.

So. .
enjoy browsing through the magazine and while you are there. . .click on the highighted part and  . .
be sure to read the article called "A Life Poured Out" written by my very own brother Gerry.

With fathers day less than a week away ..
I'm thinking of my own dad and how he poured his life out for his family.
We all have "today"  to  let our life count for something of value.
Every day we make a decision to either live for selfishly for ourselves . . .
 or we decide to make a difference to those that God brings into our paths.

"It doesn't matter if it's only a little thing, just don't sit on the fence and wait for someone else to do it."
my brother Gerry

Off I go to teach a two year how to sign his name on the magazine cover that strangely resembles his backside.

Don't you just love life? 

All for now . .


  1. God certainly poured out the gift of writing on your family. A brother who is a writer for a magazine, and whose photography graced the cover of it's popular cover...how special. You do know that you could join the editorial staff also, right? The picture is a priceless treasure. Wish I could find a copy of this magazine. Well done post!

  2. Great post! Very good article by your brother - like the picture too - great example of role modeling! Will have to read more of the magazine later...Thanks!

  3. What a great photo cover! Odd how they do so closely resemble two very special guys whom you know and love. ;> Off to read what your brother had to say...

  4. Wow! Did you get photography credit for that? ;D Your brother's article was spot on. I really enjoyed reading it.

  5. Do they autograph on-line copies as well? Great cover shot! And a good article by your brother.

  6. That is so cool Lovella. What a wonderful keepsake! Love the cover shot. Hats off to your brother!

  7. A real photographer took that shot :)

  8. Lil Farm hand will never be able to say he didn't know about the values in this magazine. Once you are a "cover boy" you gotta know what it is all about! Great photo of a great guy and a great guy in the making.

  9. Are you sure it's not them? Is it?
    I'm still trying to figure this out. How special!

  10. I was quite sure that's exactly who it was when your page loaded on my screen. Second thought was that you went to a website where you can plug your own photo in!!! :)

  11. Ohh .. that was well done, Lovella. And I really thought that the photo was one you took! I was so surprised when I realized it was a magazine cover !

    I stopped and smiled today at the picture of your parents on our aunt's table. I miss your parents as I know you do!

    I read Gerry's article -- very good. How encouraging to hear from that foster girl - I love when God lets us see that something we did actually bore fruit !!

  12. I'm trying to figure this out too. Is that your guys or not?


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