This is the last of them.
 I cut one more country style bouquet and brought it inside to re-scent the bungalow one more time.

I was happy that even though my white peony found itself tempted to take on the blush of 
it's pink girlfriends . .
in the end it realized that being snow white would far more striking against it's crimson cousin.

When I look at my girlfriends . .
I am struck with how each one has a unique personality.
I love them all for being different than me. .
and find it so humbling to think that  I have never in my whole life been without a friend.

As I sit here late at night writing my post ..
I think of each one and how very  much they mean to me.

I realize I  am one person with limited knowledge of what my friends need .. 
and know I so easily get it wrong.
Through out the different phases of my life there has always been at least one girlfriend who is sensitive enough to understand where I am at and  offers just the right words of encouragement.
I have been taught by example what grace looks like.
 Often I feel limited in my humaness to misread needs in others.
 God who always  listens when I talk to him. . 
knows those he himself gave life and will meet each need and will ultimately never leave someone without a friend.

I will never be able to be for others what only God can be.
Dear Lord Jesus... 
you know my friends. . .
thank you for them. ..
and please bless them today.


  1. Thank you for writing once again. What a beautiful metaphor of the flowers to your girlfriends. I really needed to hear what you wrote about meeting needs. Thankfully we can always rest in knowing that God ultimately knows and meets needs. -- Amber

  2. This was a great post for me to read today. Love that bouquet and the way you illustrate friendship with it...

  3. A beautiful bouquet and a beautiful tribute to your friends.

    I like your new lavender look here too.

  4. What a great post! Just beautiful, and so very true. xo Lidy

  5. You painted a nice picture...through photos and words...of the uniqueness of friends. I was reminded again...of what a blessing friends are to me.

  6. What a lovely post, Lovella.
    Were your ears burning on Sunday? Another blogging friend and I were at Minter Gardens and when we saw the peonies we talked about your posts and how beautiful your peonies are.

  7. You must be a wonderful real life friend because you're such a great cyber one. Love how you pull a thought together and how wonderful, too, that you've always known friendship. I know that friendship takes work and that you have been busy doing your part. Your peonies look so lovely. Mine are nearly by, but I have three little ones still in the house all droopy and their leaves are droopier yet.

  8. beautiful post! And lovely flowers as well! :) friends are indeed a delight!

  9. It's been a valuable season in my life as I reflect on the female friendships that have invested in each other.
    It's been truly an honor to have met you three years ago...and your willingness to share life with so many of us.


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