how does her garden grow?

I'm bringing them in. .
one bouquet after another.
If  I remember. .
I send them home with dinner guests. .
and drop by's.
Heard earlier this spring in the bungalow . .
He said. . "I went ahead and  put  manure around all the roses and peonies"
I said.  ." OH boy . .I hope you didn't fry them"
He said. . "oh no. . I used the good stuff at the bottom"
I said. . " well composted?"
He said. . ."let's just wait and see"
He wins.
. . .and. . .
I win too.
If you are one of the dear people who like to send me photos of your  .  .
gardens. . .food. . .flowers. . .
keep them coming. . .
I love it. .
and for being such good friends. .
I offer you this tip.. . .
next year. .
find  a farm early in spring . .and feed your beds.

All for now. . .


  1. Wow Lovella these peonies are so beautiful. I will
    have a house full of them this week too for my weddings.
    I hope they are as gorgeous as yours. Your photos of your garden are so jaw dropping. I might have to do a drive by next week and take a snoop:)

  2. Not a single peony here - I'll have to follow your advice next year, although I have heard that they can take a year or two to get established.

  3. Oh my I can only imagine the fragrance filling the bungalow! Beautiful bouquets...

  4. I've never seen lovelier peonies and I'm quite envious of the bouquets you gather. As I've said, I must be ever so much more stingy. :D

    Feed the beds, feed the beds, with the good stuff from the bottom.

  5. That is so funny, you must have been listening in on my conversation with B. this weekend. I was telling him about all your peonies and other flowers and how amazingly well they all grew. He gave me that "well DUH" look and said "Ya think? With Terry having tons of (fertilizer) available all time?"

    I tend to forget about the other produce chickens make on egg farms!

  6. They are beautiful! My peonies are a work in progress...but I see there is potential.

  7. They are so gorgeous! I think I'll try your advice about forcing them. Ours are in bud right now - and we're going away next week for a wedding - I don't want to miss them blooming so I think I'll give the force blooming a try. I'll let you know how it goes!

  8. Wish I could be a guest who gets sent home with such a bouquet! :) And, guess what? I just bought some chicken manure!! :) Our CSA was offering it so I bought 25 pounds and tomorrow my sister and I will examine it to decide if it is aged enough. I've never used it before so I'm not sure how much to put on the garden, etc....but we hope to figure it out!

  9. Without a doubt I will take your advice. What an amazing amount of peonies. My dear Amish neighbor makes the same claim as you did. I'm sold.

  10. I need to try this! My peonies are always so small! Thanks!

  11. I've been way behind in reading blogs but had time today and just love your peonies. I may have to try and get some pink ones. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the tip of feeding them early. I've done nothing to mine except cut off the dead heads at the end of the blooming period and they still bloom like mad. However I will try that early feeding next year and see if I can multiply the blooms.


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