going for a spin

OH .. .about the other day.. .
it was them. .
would I use trickery on you like that?

It always pays to look back at pictures one more time before moving on to new material.
The kidlets are back home with their mommy and daddy ..
the holiday is over .. .
but the memories remain.

He is wondering if she is ready. .
and she is wondering if they are ever going to leave.
This scenario will repeat itself through out their lifetime.

She is suggesting if he doesn't snap it up ..
she'll do the driving.

All for now. . .


  1. What a good time you must have had watching them! Sometimes we go on skype just to watch our grandsons play - not the same at all, as being there!

  2. Quite the cool wheels they have! Great shots of the grands! I'm sure the conversation was just as you said!

  3. Those are just the cutest pictures! And the conversation...so true to life.

  4. Oh these photos are just pure sweetness.
    I thought those had to be clones if it wasn't your guy and grand on that magazine :0)

  5. So cute! Love your predicition for their future relationship. Your grandson looks as if he is a very loving and attentive big brother.

  6. Gosh she looks so much like her mama. Lucky girl!

  7. You've captured that well. How special and precious. Writing about my grands sometimes give me my greatest joys...these are such wonderful memories forever.


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