forcing peonies

So I was told. . .
when the buds just start to open .. .
bring them in. .
and they'll open lickety split.

I did. .
and they do. .
and if I do this every few days. .
I'll have peony scented rooms for days.

OH. . and the count?
76 stems. .
with an average of at least 4 buds per stem.
 304 peony blooms.

Jill won the count  with her 297 bloom guess.
I suppose when someone is celebrating their blogaversary ..
they deserve to be the right. . ist.
She was 7 blooms out. .
I'd love to deliver a bouquet to Jill. .
but remember the last time we crossed the border?
No goats. .
and now that I really think about it. .
they didn't ask about peonies.

How fun.

All for now. .


  1. Oh now...that's a lot of blooms. Good guess Jill! So far I only have 3 buds. It's the first Peony I've planted here. I won't be taking them off the plant this year until they bloom outside :0)

  2. The peonies are so pretty! Congrats to Jill for being so close...must have something to do with that analytical research librarian mind of hers! ;)

  3. Lovely peonies! I saw a peony expert on the Martha Stewart show who said that if peonies are cut in bud,and wrapped in paper, they will keep for up to 6 months in the frig, so you can take out a bunch every week, extending the season. Care to try it?

  4. Oh memories of my childhood and going to my grama's house....She was an immigrant from Germany to the Upper Peninsula of Mich in the early 20's. She could put anything in the ground and it would grow....and the peonies did indeed along with the roses....the smell brings back memories as well....Me, I can't grow anything!! So, I dream and remember the smells when I see all your wonderful pictures.
    Thank you so much, Lovella

  5. your home must smell heavenly!

  6. 76 stems??? wow ~ now I need to go count mine! But I'm pretty sure I don't have near that many. I am waiting ever so impatiently for mine to bloom.......actually it's a good thing they haven't yet w/ all the buckets of rain we've been getting. Beautiful pics!

  7. Beautiful blooms...and plenty to share. Is Jill getting a bouquet...hand-wrapped and delivered?

    I love the idea of wrapping the stems with buds and storing them in the enjoy much later!

  8. Millie's idea is worth trying. Maybe when you finally get around to coming to SLC the refrigerated one will still be viable?

    You will be taking a picture of each and every blossom, right? And pictures of the grandgirls with the blossoms?


  9. Congratulations, Jill! I hope you get to see lots of peonies wherever you go and are reminded that you deserve a bouquet.
    Lovella... over 300!!! We'll have to remember that for next year's vote.

  10. Oh wow! Lovella, they must be a sight to see. Congrats to Jill!

  11. I love the colour of your Peony, I only have the dark red ones and the white with the dark red streak in the middle.
    What alot of Peonies! I haven't counted mine I know there are lots too. To bad the rainy weather shortens their prime blooming time.

  12. Thanks for choosing such a lovely pink way to remind me of that fun goat story again. Love that story.

    Lucky you with so many pink Peonies. I can't imagine that. You will have a fragrant home for a few weeks.

  13. Wow...that's a lot of stems. Still waiting for mine to open up. Love the you know which variety this is?

  14. My mom used to grow those...I did not know about that trick...So you really count them?
    I'm wondering if that works for other flowers.


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