first day of summer 2010

Yesterday .. .
on the first day of summer I wore a long sleeved T shirt and it wasn't to keep the sun off of my arms.
I looked across at our neighbor,  Ravi's berry fields and decided to have a closer inspection to check for quality control.
It won't be long now .. .
the berry machines will be making their way slowly down our country road.
Did you know that the Fraser Valley harvests of 12 million kilograms of raspberries every summer?
Did you know that our Pacific Coastal climate is ideal to growing raspberries and we grow 80% of the worlds raspberries right here?

Did you know that raspberries are full of Vitamins like. .
Manganese topping the list at nearly 69% followed by Vitamin C some B's and  not to mention that they have 34 % of daily dietary fibre.

While I wrote this post .. .
I ate that handful of raspberries.

Next time you pick up a carton of quick frozen raspberries. . .check to see where they came from.
It just might have been from the field next door.

Have a wonderful and blessed summer my friends.
All for now . .


  1. Oh raspberries!!!! My favorite fruit. I used to pick them with my Grams on the side of her garage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ate them while picking them....Ate them in her jams, and still love to eat them....One thing I didn't know until your post is the vitamin content.....God provides in abundance everything we need.
    Off to the farmers market today to find raspberries.

  2. That first photo is a winner, Lovella - just beautiful.
    We haven't had any raspberries this year - maybe I'll stop to pick some up from a farm on my way home. Is there any nicer dessert than fresh-picked berries?

  3. They are the best...our local raspberries. I'm on my way out to pick a bowlful for our raspberry/yogurt/granola breakfast parfait.

  4. Hands down - my favorite berry!
    I'll be looking around later this week :)

  5. So pretty. How nice to have them just next door :0)

  6. I actually do always check to see where berries come from. They are available year around, from around the globe, so it makes me smile when the BC berries show up.

  7. Raspberries are Nan's favorite fruit. I might have to bake her a pie... Not today, though, too hot and too humid. Say there, my friend, I see that you are having lots of fun with the templates. I've enjoyed them all!

  8. Oh now I'm drooling and can hardly wait for all those yummy raspberry desserts...unfortunately I'll have to since we're a little behind here in the prairies!

  9. Loved the photo....can't wait for the berries. Kathy

  10. Brand new info for me. I can't wait to check out my next frozen bag of raspberries. Since you shared the vitamin content, I am going to eat some this evening. Exquisite photography.

  11. Nothing more delicious than raspberries straight from the vine! Yum! Eat slowly to enjoy the flavor! Gorgeous photos!!!!

  12. The pictures make raspberries look soo tasty! I wish I liked them!! Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of summer and the tastiness of raspberries! :)

  13. I think raspberries are so deelicious because they are so beeutiful!!!

  14. you are making me hungry for raspberries!!!! The photo is beautiful! I had no idea that your area grows so many. Today the kids and I bought a Cuisinart ice-cream machine (automatic). I sold my handcrank and had enough money to buy this one. Tomorrow we're going to try it out. Raspberry would be a good flavor.

  15. Hello,
    Oh, how I miss picking raspberries and eating them out of my hand, too just like your photo. When I was growing up, my father grew a garden. Alongside the fence, was planted raspberries which ripened twice during the summer. The plants disapppeared just two years ago. However the rose garden still blooms. Just love your photo.
    I learned about Fraser Valley, Bristish Columia through your post.
    Have a great day!


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