extra holiday help

Kanneloni Macaroni and I moseyed out to the barn yesterday to see how the menfolk were doing with the chores.
She was eager to offer some assistance . .
and who could say no thank you to help like this?
She did her best efforts to remove the eggs from the trays . . .
 . . .and almost didn't drop any.
Meanwhile. .
the lil' farm hand has an official job.
He waits to put the last tray on top of the stack.
He can count to six just fine and is learning patience at the same time.
After chores are finished . .
we very carefully carry eggs to the bungalow for lunch.
We almost never drop any.

We are enjoying some holidays at the farm ..
while mommy and daddy enjoy their wedding anniversary.
Many blessings to the parents of our darling grands!

All for now . . .


  1. Start them young!....although I don't know many wee ones who are as adept with eggs as those two!

  2. How fun to have the grands helping out on the farm for a spell. I'm sure you will hardly notice the eggs that that got dropped!

    Happy anniversary to their mommy & daddy.

  3. Those little ones already have good 'work ethics':)
    Have fun with your darling grands while mommy and daddy are out celebrating their anniversary.

  4. What wonderful helpers - makes those chores so much more fun!

  5. Are you all off to the farmers' market when you're done with these stacks? Cute helpers!!

  6. Talk about starting young ... cute bracelet and earings! Happy Anniversary to the lucky parents!

  7. thanks for the glimpse of them this morning ... miss them ... but i know they are having a blast!

  8. Those eggs are looking great! Me thinks we may have to stop on by and get some......

    I can't get over how blonde they are. So sweet.

  9. Looks like you have some excellent little farm helpers!! :)

  10. So cute!!! And the two look alike, don't they!!! How nice for their parents to get away for their anniversary.

  11. How wonderful to start the chores at such an early age! You couldn't have cuter helpers! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. How nice to have a grammy like you close by...

  13. Okay, but who cleans it up when they do? Wonderful help in training. Happy Anniversary to your son and his beloved.


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