edible arrangements

I did an experiment on the weekend with our dinner guests.
I tried twice .. .
put out an arrangement to see if they would take a bite.
Evening # 1. . .no bite.
Evening #2  .. .no bite.
Our cherries are ripening. . .
and I think I'll experiment with them next.

I'm off for my 8:10 am root canal. . .
(mentioning it for documentation purposes of course)
ah. . . good times ..

all for now .. .


  1. Why ruin perfection? It's a great shot of a gorgeous bouquet!

  2. Good idea...adding berry sprigs to the bouquet.

    Hope your Monday morning appt. goes well.

  3. That arrangement is simply gorgeous. Hmmm...I've got branches of small green apples to add to an arrangement. Want to swap for raspberries and cherries?

    Sorry you are in for some drilling. Praying it goes well.

  4. I love this! But good manners would preclude me from sampling!!! Temptation!!!

  5. Beautiful idea - coming to a table right here soon....but you know what they say about imitation being a form of flattery...good luck with that appointment!

  6. I love that arrangement with the raspberries added in. So lovely!!
    thinking of you sitting in that chair with your mouth propped uncomfortably open...Praying all goes well...

  7. What a beautiful flower and fruit arrangement!
    Praying that all goes well with the dental appt.

  8. Perhaps they feel it might be rude to eat the decorations! Roses and raspberries are gorgeous together by the way...I have never seen that before.

  9. That is my kind of bouquet!!!

  10. That's so charming Lovella! Delightful and surprising. What polite guests you had. If the next guests read your blog - they'll probably take a bite ;-)

  11. Obviously too pretyy to eat!

  12. You didn't see...I did eat one that had dropped off the plant onto the table. It was yummy. Kind of like stealing a cookie from the cookie jar without being noticed. Kathy (MGCC)

  13. Oh. The good thing about this is that it's over. I will pray all the same...here, have some pudding. Take good care...

    Those raspberries among the roses are so scrumptious looking. I might've dared to pinch one.

  14. You are a creative hostess and apparently your guests are polite. I had a route canal recently so I do know how to pray specifically for you today.


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