drive through eateries

The grands have lately been setting up imaginary drive through eateries.
Anything might be a good venue for their quality food establishments.  Treadmill arms have proven perfect with their convenient loop supports to provide a window for their drive through eatery.

The cost is always the same. . .two bucks. . whether I want a coffee, a cheeseburger or an egg sandwich. 

Yesterday I was out trespassing over the lawn mowing territory with my photo op in hand. . .
and was notified .. .of the cost.
One bun please.
He's so easy to buy off.

All throughout the day. . .
little memories make me smile.
I could go for another cup of coffee. .
I'll have to go find that drive through.

All for now . .


  1. Service with a smile! Wonderful!

  2. Such a cute post:) Grands are the same everywhere, I remember my grands doing the same..what fun and imagination they have!
    I chuckled at the cost of a photo op..1 bun!!

  3. I'll bet you'll get as many photos as you want with that basket of buns!
    I remember when our whole house was a play store - one had to be careful not to leave home wearing/carrying something with a homemade price tag.

  4. That first picture brought back memories of when phantom you awaited me with muffins on my way to work.

    Do the grands remember to say "Do you want fries with that?" like good little fast food workers?

  5. One bun, please. Actually, I'll have the whole basket! They would be perfect for tomorrow's outing.

    Grands everywhere are into food sales. Very funny!

  6. Cute! I dare to say you are making his job oh so enjoyable. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. I'm thinking that looks like a 4 bun job! Have a great Wednesday!

  8. It is fun to picture you walking through the lawn with camera in hand. They certainly do provide many fun photo ops. This reminds me of our lemonade stands in the summer.

  9. very fun! My kids would love it. Somehow I think the price would be $1. :)

    We NEVER get treats like that from our dentist!


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