documenting the sanding of board #5

The fantastic news is that when nothing is happening in the bungalow that is news worthy. .
there is likely something happening near or in the shop.
Today. .it was near. . .the shop.
What could he possibly be doing with hardwood?
I'll let you figure it out.
It will save you time pulling out the sudoku for the day. .
since you will have had to think right here.

I was going to enter a label .. but that would make it too easy.

All for now. . .


  1. Something to do with the truck? I don't wait too good. Kathy

  2. Your company's annual boardmeeting?
    Running boards for the truck?
    A board for the middle of the table to slide dishes back and forth?
    Shot a tree and want a part of it mounted to show off the kill?
    Just bored?
    I give up!

  3. Maybe a box liner for the truck? Hardwood would be gorgeous!

  4. I would guess a teeter totter!

  5. I would guess a teeter totter ( don't know the spelling)

  6. Bookshelves? A window box? A set of swings? I feel like the Queen trying to guess Rumplestiltskin's name.

  7. have my mind spinning :0)

  8. I know...I know. I'm thinking he is building a bed...for a special project of his. If an old truck is very sometimes gets a hardwood bed...I think.

  9. my guess was a teeter totter but then I noticed that it was board #5.


    The plot thickens :)

    Love your lupin header!! Ours are blooming too - just starting and so pretty!

  10. Maybe a playhouse or treehouse..but hey do they number those boards?? smile
    Or it might be something for the truck like some said.
    When shall we find out?

  11. A putting mat - as in mini-golf? A horse fence? A bunk bed? Fixing a deck? A sandbox? A gazebo? Must be something special as it is being lovingly sanded to perfection! There are just so many uses for a 1x6!!!

  12. I'm sure it must have something to do with that fancy truck...........

  13. My first thought was a tee-ter-totter... but five boards? Is he building a bunk bed?


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