the annual peony count

Another garden post?
I know. . it's all I have right now.
It's busy here in the bungalow.
Lately I've been known to say. .
me . . ."lunch is late"
he. . . "but there will be lunch"?
me. . . "give me another 10"
he .. . "I'll just be in the shop for a few minutes"

Seriously. . .the conversation happens over and over again.
Oh. . but I digress. .
as I said. .it's another garden post. .
I somehow get a charge out of counting my peonies each year.
I haven't yet. .
but I will.
Any guesses?
When I have a minute, I'll count them and make a big tadoo out of the closest guesser.

When you have finished counting. .
run over to my forever friend Jill.
It's her bloggiversary.

All for now. .


  1. Guess what! I am a Peony counter too. Although, this year I was quite disappointed with my meager count. I am not sure what happened to my prolific bushes this year. Maybe it was our harsh winter. Whatever it count is LOW. But, your count on the other hand is probably 92Peonies. Am I close?

  2. Here in NY, our peonies have already bloomed and I have them in vases all over the house right now...they smell wonderful!

    My guess...278? :oD

  3. Not being a peony grower, I can only admire those of you that do. These are gorgeous - my guess: 245

  4. WOW, that is amazing. My peony has a measly 4 buds on it every year. next year i may plant more so i can enjoy more, hopefully.

    My guess: 167

  5. My guess is 165 lovely blooms! And I'm thinking you might not want to lie on the grass to do your count...since it's probably wet and squishy. Where is the sun?

    So what are so busy with? Just asking.

  6. Oh how I love Peonies...
    I'm guessing 159...

  7. Sometimes we don't mind quick posts... because we're on the go too! Besides, your garden is always interesting... um... 212 peonies?

  8. Hope we get a photo of them when they are in full bloom! I used to have some when we lived on the farm, but never that many blooms...miss them - I'm going with 157 beautiful peonies! Barb

  9. 297 blooms. My peony count will be on the ones on our property line; technically they belong to our uber busy neighbors who barely notice that the bush even exists.

    Jeff has three loaded bushes at his town house; the bushes finally decided to step up and bud like crazy. Sadly, the flowers will bloom when their renters move into the place. I hope their new place has compensory peonies.

    Yes...perhaps one day we will count peonies in heaven together. Why not? We will have eternity, and such beauty here surely has a more vivid form in heaven.

  10. Well, I think you probably have many peony bushes so I'm guessing 10 bushes at 15 blossoms each for a total of 150. Close?

    Never have thought to count mine until reading this post. Lucky me, all I have to do is stand up and look out the window...wait a sec...
    16 plus the one I already picked for my nan. I only have one bush so I must enjoy them since they're here so briefly. Oh dear, you realize what's just happened, don't you? You've turned me into peony counter, too.

    Hope that things settle down a bit...late lunch? Unheard of! :D

  11. I have never seen such a huge peony bush! Just gorgeous! They are such pretty flowers.
    I'm going to guess 132. I have no idea. I just know there's a lot!
    You have a beautiful garden - I never tire of seeing pictures of it!

  12. Hmmm 100?

    I count too - my bush had 30 some blooms last year and I thought it was prolific - but nothing compared to yours. I was checking the date of my blooms last year - I blogged about them July 3rd. But this year they are already starting to form buds. Everything is so early. I love it.

  13. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower, especially pink. . . I shall guess 197. Your bushes will be beautiful! !
    Debbie M.


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