all about timing

It occurred to me yesterday that it is all about timing.

Tuesday. . .
The rain came ..
The farmer looked out on the horizon to plan his day. .
The farmer went and gathered the hens eggs .. .
The rain abated near lunch time. . .
The wind came through the valley and dried up the grass ..
The farmer ran to his push mower and mowed around the edges of the front and back lawn.. .
The farmer ran to the ride on lawn mower and buzzed over the front and back of the bungalow and around the barns and the shop. .
The farmer then ran to the tractor with the mower attachment and mowed the field. ..
The farmers wife poked her nose out the door and ran for the camera.. .
and took the picture above.
I just love the natural lighting that God provides just after a rain.

Wednesday. . .rain . ..all day.

All for now. . .


  1. The farmer did a lot of running to get the greens manicured! Love your excellent photo of the those gorgeous roses! Enjoyed your peony count posts! When I still had a garden, before we moved into a highrise, I had peonies all along one side of the house. Never did count the blooms. I did have lots of ants crawling on the blossoms though and didn't want to bring them into the house! The other little factoid I seem to recall is that white peonies should be off by themselves or else they will not maintain their purity, but have tiny streaks of the red or pink in them. Do you know - is this true??
    Just curious.

  2. It's all about timing...and catching the moment...and making the most of our opportunities.

    I'm hoping to see a moment or two of sun today...maybe.

  3. Today I'm accepting this as a bouquet of flowers from you...
    I will carry it in my heart all day as I see what the days hold before me. Thank-you for your love.
    We have two farmers doing similar things at the opposite ends of the valley.

  4. Well, the rain didn't get to us until the afternoon - when we were up on the roof of the trailer adding a vent cover! Weather like this, we mostly just hunker down indoors and find other things to keep us occupied.

  5. It is so much about timing these days. Today promises to be somewhat dry...I think I need a camera adventure!

    The Peonies are just gorgeous in the after rain light!

  6. That farmer is really on the move. Love your pretty! Kathy

  7. A good day for the farmer's wife to cook and bake... it's just that the photo ops need to be timed.
    Today is a good day!

  8. I agree...the lighting after a rain is beautiful. I am amazed at how that farmer kept going and going...

  9. I have been watching my farmer do the same lately. Beautiful photo.

  10. Gorgeous bouquet and lovely lawn!

    We're getting the rain here as well - apparently 20-30mm this evening which is more than we had all May. It's hard to get a photo in let alone a lawn cut. Glad you had a sunny break to do both!


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