Winter Camping

For the most part. .
when I tell a story I know of what I speak but in this particular post ..
I am making up most everything but the pictures themselves.
The part I do know is that our son Stuart. . .(on the far right)
went camping last weekend.
His cousin Ken (next to Stuart) .. .took these great shots and sent the web album to Stuart who sent the pictures on to me.

I also know that Stuart and Ken are in the same care group. . .and we hear tales about the group of guys that have become friends over the last few years.

This last weekend they went camping up to Manning Park ..

the same place we often go camping to in the SUMMER.

Since no narration accompanied the pictures that Ken took and Stuart sent me. . .

I had to make up my own story.

On Saturday Morning . . .
they arrived up at Manning and pitched their tents in a sheltered spot next to the frozen Lightening Lake.

They put on their snow shoes and all tried to keep up to Stuart .. .

(he is the one in the front).

Ken was last but only because he was the photographer for the group. .

They hiked across the lake and stopped under the rainbow bridge where . . .

. . .Ken photographed the group.

In this picture you can see that boys can be cooperative when the camera is out. . .

I had begun to think not since every time I try to take pictures of my boys they make sure I don't want to post any of them.

After a bit of hiking. . .

there was some discussion about canoe rentals.

It does say Rental . .

hmmm. .

maybe not yet.

At some point they decided to snowshoe down to the highway to see the Olympic flame which was being kept safe . . .

. .. in a lantern.

After seeing the Olympic flame that will make its way to the Opening Ceremonies they hiked back up to the lake . . .

and with a new enthusiasm for the upcoming games . . .

they began to practice.

I'm not sure who this fellow is. .

he is doing a fine flip and all. .

but. .

he is in the way in this shot.

Good flip there Stu .. .

It would have been a good one too Ken .. nice shot.

Before coming home. .

they made a few new friends.
Whisky Jacks are always friendly and in winter probably even more so.

British Columbia really is a very beautiful place in winter.
I do hope that the guests that arrive this week. .
will think so too.
All for now. . .


  1. Well it looks like the guys have a great trip! And what stunning pictures.

    I'm wondering what kind of bird - definitely not a chickadee :)

    I'm smiling at your comments after the group photo - because I was thinking the very same thing - they posed - without silly grins - without covering another guy's face. And then I read your comments - lol! We mother of boys are used to being teased. :)

    It's wonderful to see young men having fellowship like that. God bless them.

  2. Oh sorry Kathie. .I should have said the birds were whisky jacks.

  3. I sure am missing home this week with all the olympic buzz. I just watched the video for the song Believe I think it is and cried. So beautiful British Columbia. Enjoy the world these next few weeks.

  4. Beautiful pictures! It looks like they had a hoot...but I can see why the girls opted to stay home. I can't even imagine tenting in the snow.

  5. A great story Lovella...Isn't it fun when you can be the moderator and fill in your own words? I'm sure they had a wonderful trip as they definitely have the gear...
    I love winter and I love Manning Park.

  6. Glad there was a camera man on this trip. What great shots. Love the fact that the bird was so relaxed with them...fabulous! Love the name of the bird, too. :0) There is so so much of God's creation that I've never laid eyes on...amazing.

  7. You make up good stories!
    I want to know how he got on the canoe rental roof...
    And I've learned a new bird...Whisky Jacks.
    You do live in an extremely beautiful place.
    I'll be watching those opening ceremonies tomorrow!

  8. I always thought Stuart was for the birds...

    So nice of the guys to let you post pictures of the adventure that you experienced from your nice warm home office.

  9. That's great! Ken will be proud his pictures got put to good use! From what I can tell the storyline was pretty accurate. And yes, the women were happy to stay home- but we're already planning our getaway. Though that will consist of pillowtop mattresses and shopping malls... not quite the same, but still lovely!

  10. The nephew there is quite the photographer. My favorite picture, which is tough, is the canoe roof rider one.

  11. Also love the posed group photo ... and the fun ones . . . and your story ... you have a great imagination.

  12. Can you believe my parents used to winter camp before I was born! And I can't even convince Michael to summer camp. :)

    Andrew is begging to watch the Olympics tomorrow night -- I guess they learned about it at Homeschool co-op. :) hopefully the internet has live coverage....

  13. My favorite line in this post, and the one that made me laugh was, "since no narration accompanied the pictures, I had to make up my own story." It just seems right for you to do that doesn't it?

    I think the picture of your son near the top of the post, the one where he is on the far right, looks so much like you. Does he hear that from others?

    This post gave me an idea. I am now going to try to get my mother's birds to sit on my hands. Seriously, that was quite impressive.

    I am thankful that I do not have to camp in the ice and snow, but it sure did appear that they all had a great time.

  14. Looks like they have a great group of guys. Manning is so pretty all year found. How cool that they got to see the torch pass by. Kathy


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