Welcome to Vancouver 2010

Isn't enthusiasm infectious?

It seems like yesterday that we heard the live announcement of the 2010 Olympics to be held in Vancouver, Canada.

Will you be watching the opening ceremonies tonight live?

We will be.

We will be watching the Opening Ceremonies while slowly enjoying a fondue party with friends who are as excited as us.

I don't agree with everything about the games . .

but I would never pass up something so exciting as it will be a once in a lifetime event.

We plan to find our way to the city a few times . .

whether by train or car or bus or maybe water. ..who knows . . .

but my beloved will get me there. . .

I'm sure he will.

I hope that you all feel a warm Canadian welcome . . .

I really do.

All for now. .


  1. Will definitely be watching tonight and any other time. I love it. I love the whole thing. Have never been. Probably missed my chance when it was in Georgia, but I don't like to fight the crowds any more. I know the Canadians will be so welcoming. I have gotten to know so many through my blogging world, definitely feel a kinship to our fellow NAmericans.

  2. I totally forgot about the time change!! Not good for kids. :) Maybe we'll be watching things a day late -- we'll see. We'll certainly be thinking of you when we do watch!

    Fondue party sounds lovely!

  3. Have you seen the commercial about the Olympian swimmer headed for Vancouver by plowing through the ground? Don't go that way! Yes, it is infectious and, yes, we will be watching. You bet'cha! As I told Judy, and it goes without saying, have a blast!

  4. Now how can that be? A swimmer? What was I seeing?

  5. Actually I don't really need a "warm" welcome in this case.
    Care to rethink that one?

    A friendly welcome will work just...cue up the "Welcome to Canada" beavers!

  6. Oh yes, down here in So. California we will be avidly watching the opening ceremonies...and thinking of all my Canadian blog friends too. Enjoy your fondue party!

  7. Looking forward to welcoming the world to Vancouver and bring in the games with you tonight. Kathy (MGCC)

  8. Let the Games Begin! What a great idea to have a fondue party for the ceremonies :0)

  9. Yep....I am surprised at what a lump in the throat I feel these days...I mean...a swelling with pride...patriotism and no matter what any political stance one has on the games...we cannot deny the original intent of the bringing together of the finest...to compete...pure and simple. What dedication, what pride each athlete brings to represent their party. I too intend to take the train downtown and visit all the wonderful countries represented in their special pavillions. Like Expo all over again only better. Yee Haw...bring on the games! Fondue party? Lucky you!

  10. Exictement is in the air! I look forward to seeing the changes from the rehearsal we went ot on Monday to the REAL thing ...

  11. What a wonderful experience...
    You've really captured the enthusiasm for the Olympics. Hope you get a chance to see the city in the next few weeks.

  12. We will definitely be watching the opening ceremonies tonight, and I do want you to know that they mean even more to me because of each of you, my Canadian blogging friends. Celebrating with good friends and fondue...what could be better! I am going to thank you all ahead of time, for all you have been and will continue to share on the Olympics. It certainly does add a personal touch to a special event. Hope you all have a wonderful evening together.

  13. i am sitting here right now watching the beginning of all the evenings highlights.i have my canadian olympic scarf and am soooo excited!

  14. Oh, Lovella, I'm so excited for you! It's a wonderful chance to share your home with the world, and for you to get out and mingle with 'the world'. We were in Vancouver a few years ago for an Alaskan cruise, and I am looking forward to looking for landmarks I remember from our trip. Enjoy this time! Blessings, Becky

  15. I'm watching! It is fabulous!!!!!!

  16. Isn't it exciting!? I don't know whether we'll get over there to the big city but we'll be watching everything from the comfort of our TV room.

  17. Opening ceremonies were FABULOUS!!!
    Beautifully expressive of Canada's many facets, thoughtful and mesmerizing all at once. I will never think of the praries the same after that sequence especially.


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