On a gloriously blue sky day in February we went to a Saturday afternoon wedding.
At my age. .
it is not about my friends getting married.
Weddings are all about my girlfriends children's weddings.
It does make me wonder if thirty one years ago my mom was discussing endless plans with her girlfriends.
Was she dropping hints of the dress she would wear?
Was she giving weekly updates of how the arrangements were coming?
It would have never occurred to me then that she was talking about plans with her friends while I was talking about plans with my friends.
I never knew that about my own mom on the day that I married...
of course she would have loved chatting about plans with her sisters and girlfriends.
Of course we were anxious to see the beautiful bride.
Us girlfriends though. .
really are most anxious to cheer on the mother of the bride.
She is the one who we celebrate for her beauty and grace.
She is the one who melts our hearts with the love she has for her daughter.
She is the one who has demonstrated love unconditional.
I saw a likeness of the mother in the bride on Saturday.
The radiant smile. .
the beauty and grace. . .
and I pray. .
that she will have a love that lasts a lifetime. .
just like her mother.
Today is the last day of my year of jubilee.
Tomorrow morning. . at two thirty AM . . .
we will leave for Grouse Mountain. . .
and on the first day of my fifty first year . ..
I'll be watching the Today Show on NBC live.
This is also a one in a lifetime chance to see the show taped in Vancouver during the Olympics.
I'm just telling you. . .in case you want to tune in to witness it yourself.
All for now. . .


  1. True, weddings for us now are friends grands and our first grand to marry will be in May. I am even making plans with my other grandmother friends. Enjoy your trip dear one.

  2. Oh how beautiful!!!! Weddings can be such fun.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early!!!!!! Sounds like a fun day is planned. I hope you both have a wonderful time!

  3. It's so interesting your take on this and how you are thinking about it in a new way. I never think about the mother of the bride. Oh wait, there is one photo of my mother sitting on a piano bench in her lovely red dress with her hand pressed to her temple. Hmmm...

    This mother of the bride and this bride look lovely and beaming.

    So, let's see if I can figure this mystery out. You'll be in NYC watching NBC TODAY show outside on the plaza. Hmmmm, hope you get some great photos to share. This is the channel that has decided not to come in anymore. Shoot!

  4. Happy Birthday, Lovella!!! I wish you a 51st year as full of love, adventure and fun as your 50th!
    We have two family weddings to attend this summer - one here and one in Ontario - on for a young couple and one for a couple in their forties. In both instances the family members getting married will be the grooms - a whole different level of excitemnt from the bride's side!

  5. A great photo of you it!

  6. What a beautiful wedding and the bride and mother radiate. Have a wonderful birthday getaway. I've enjoyed your year of jubilee! I can't believe it's over all ready!!

  7. Beautiful wedding pictures...of the girlfriends...the mother...the bride. For me it's mostly nieces and nephews getting married these days.

    Your year of jubilee just flew by! I'm thinking it was a most memorable one. Have a fantastic time tomorrow...on the mountain top!

  8. Always happy thoughts and moments from your house. I will pray that the rain stays away...but I know the sun will continue to shine in your heart for ever....
    Have a wonderful day Lovella, and we will look forward to more...
    All I can say, "It just keeps getting better."

  9. Saturday was such a beautiful day for a wedding and I love how you put the excitement in writing! It is interesting to view things from the next generation up now, isn't it? Oh, I hope you have so much fun tomorrow ... and I hate to tell you this, but do you know that you have been in your 51st year for almost a year already! =)

  10. Looks like a great wedding! And enjoy your last day in your year of jubilee!! It sure has been a fantastic one! Happy early birthday as well!

  11. What a gorgeous wedding!! The mother of the bride and the bride are radiant! I like your take on the wedding - and have a similar one myself :) But, like you, I don't remember thinking about my mom when I got married - other than she'd miss me - I was the baby.

    Happy almost B-day - have a wonderful trip!

  12. What a beautiful tribute to the Mother of the Bride. She was georgious...and the bride was radiant. Waht a lovely dress, flowers and reception venue.
    Get to bed early tonight....2AM will come very quickly. I'll try to watch for you! Kathy (MGCC)

  13. Happy Birthday....what a great treat.

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your birthday. And to be able to visit the Today Show in person, that is quite an honor.

    I love to see wedding pictures. These pictures are beautiful! I like the one of you and your friends, and the bride and her mother. Until I read this post, I never stopped and thought about what my mother was saying to her friends on the day of our wedding. It is true...what goes around, comes around.

    Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating you.

  15. Such a lovely wedding.I am currently planning my daughters wedding...for October of this year.
    Happy Birthday has been so nice of you to share your jubilee year with was my jubilee year as well.
    I'll be looking for you as I watch the Today Show in the morning....maybe you'll get to meet Matt Lauer.
    Have a wonderful special day.
    Debbie :)

  16. Happy Birthday Lovella!
    You filled your year of jubilee to the brim with family, friends and adventure like nobody I know! May you fill another year full of fantastic memories!
    We will be watching for you on TV and sending birthday wishes your way!
    (My word verification: SURPRISE! Perfect for the birthday girl!)

  17. You were at a wedding too! Also very beautiful and with a happy bride. It is true - now we are more aware of how it is for the moms.

    Have a great birthday Lovella and be sure to keep fitting jubilation in this year too.


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