things I notice

I'll do a proper post on the Valentines Party that we helped at tomorrow.
I was tuckered out when we got home. . .
so this is the quick pick of the preview.
It was just a really great evening ..
the kind that leaves you feeling like we were the lucky ones invited to help.
Do you ever notice that?

I haven't a clue about the super bowl.

I couldn't tell you which teams played. . .

I'm hopeless about that sort of detail.

I did notice though . .

that one of the teams uniforms matched perfectly with the flowers that our hostess got from her sweetie.

Those things. . .I notice.

There will be more pictures of the Valentine Party tomorrow. .

if you are so inclined to pop by.

All for now. . .


  1. No clues here either as to the Superbowl players or outcome of the game...but definitely curious about the happenings at the B&B.

  2. Ha! That's what my daughter said about her Superbowl party...she'd be rooting for the ones with the best colors. Put that way, I have no idea if "her team" won.

  3. I'm with you...clueless when it comes to football. My policy is...check out the uniforms and pick your favorite colours...and get enthusiastic for a few hours.

  4. Who dat!!!!

    The winning Quarterback is a Christian...and seeing him holding his little boy after the win, Bree with tears in his eyes and having carefully covered his son's ears against the noise of the Superbowl crowd was beautiful.

    Oh to have been in New Orleans last night. Or any night for that matter....

  5. Can't wait to hear about the weekend. I think it is something I would love to help with too.

    Found out the superbowl news this morning -- boy is everyone in Indpls depressed today, to say the least!!! We don't really go in for football but ALL our friends do. Poor things.

  6. I even saw a bit of the game, and I couldn't tell you what colors either team wore! Shows how much I notice where football is concerned - LOL.

    Your roses are beautiful.

    And I'll be back to hear about your day at the B&B.

  7. Bright colored tulips and yellow got my attention. I can't wait to see the rest of the details of the party. I will be back.


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