soundproofing and the gas pedal

The soundproofing of the cab is complete.

We'll be hearing that motor soundproofing or not ..

and the exhaust also promises to sound "healthy". . .

and yet .. .he soundproofs.

I don't ask. . .I just document.

The windows are in.

The mechanism for the power windows .. .


This may sound like I am surprised . . . but every time something works for the first time rod builder . .

excitement mounts.

With all the talk about gas pedals that stick.

I took a good look at ours. . .

and enquired. .

and no worries .. .

the only reason it will be on the floor will be well intentioned.

And that. . .my friends who's husbands are interested in the ongoing saga of building the 1950 Mercury Truck Rod. .

is your update.

All for now. .


  1. Soundproofing. That's something I never thought about in a vehicle.

    It's lookin' good!

  2. Another post where I say "Dear you're going to want to come over here and see this one!" Ummm well I do have one of those recalled cars but I'm double checking because I heard someone say the Camry's built in Japan do not have the pedal problem. I'm pretty sure mine was put together in Japan and not in the U.S....

  3. Bravo to the rod builder!
    I dare not show the Great Dane - it would just encourage him!

  4. omg...i would love to have one of those trucks!!!

  5. It has power windows????
    Wow. First class ride!

  6. I'm sure the restoration process is 3/4 of the fun - but I can hardly wait to see a picture of you two zooming down the highway!

    (ps Lovella - did you ever see the little Wee Sing Bible songbooks? Great Sunday School choruses with one note and chords - so fun and easy to play!We did a lot of singing out of that book.)

  7. You must be proud of him. My husband is enjoying this journey. Old vehicle restoration is my husband's dream, so you can see he is thankful that you are sharing the progress with us.

  8. You do such a good job of updating us! Did you ever consider being a news reporter? Maybe that was not really an option thirty years ago...

  9. You just document and rejoice when things work well the first time. Sounds like excellent advice. It's looking good. I can only imagine what it's on its way to becoming.

  10. It's been fun to see that ruck in action and to have a glimpse at it first hand is exciting...
    Right away, when I started reading...I was hoping too that you had taken care of the gas pedal.
    It's a white-out up hear |I'm knitting and catching up....

  11. Soundproofing... hmm... is that for the people INSIDE the truck or OUTSIDE?? smile...
    And I'm thinking maybe the petal to the metal increases the chances all that hard work be undone. Maybe encourage the 'driver' to drive nice and liesurely - just to let everyone fully appreciate the beauty ot the passing piece of art! :-)

  12. It's coming right along...and looking mighty fine! The power windows had me floored...but hubby informed me this is actually a state of the art truck in an antique body. What fun!


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