The Snowshoe Event

On Sunday afternoon we were invited to participate in a Snowshoe event.
We travelled to the Manning Park where we camp each summer.
We were promised a hot chili tail gate party. .
and who .. tell me who ..
would say no thanks to that.

The sign that normally says ..
Lone Duck Group Campground now boasted the Winter version.

We set out to find some picnic tables in the day use area . .
and thought for awhile that they must remove them for the winter.
How is a person supposed to have a picnic with no picnic tables we wondered.

We located one. .
and the boys proceeded to remove the snow. . .
telling us that there was no snow under the table top.
Us girls were not overly impressed and we suggested that we find somewhere more suitable to lay out our picnic.

We came to the group shelter that has two long picnic tables and a wood stove.

The boys. .
ever hopeful to please. .
hauled the wood from the truck and built a fire.
What is not to love about a shelter with a real wood fire to warm the toes?

While Kathy heated up her chili on their Thunder Range . .
I took pictures of the surroundings. ...
. . .and set the table.

After lunch we put on our snowshoes and began our hike walk on the Lightening Lake.

I was happy that I could squeeze in one more first time experience in my year of Jubilee.

After walking straight up one and a half lakes. .
we cut up to the trail and headed back.

The sky was perfectly blue. .
not a cloud nor a breeze.

Scot and Kathy did some synchronized moves which we documented for the Snowshoe event.
This may not have been an official Olympic event . .
and we worried not one speck of how the official team was doing.
We had our PVR set to tape the game and had plans to eat pizza while watching the game ..
post time.
As in all sports ..
there are dangers lurking.
We observed the lesson on making ourselves large if a break in the ice should occur.

We were officially warned that snowshoeing on the ice was not recommended ..
and the occasional crack had us walking softly.

The ice crystals which formed on sheltered areas where the snow could not reach. .
were so beautiful and tempting to touch.
I resisted to allow the next blogger. .
photo material too.
We noticed one plane after another crossing the sky above us.

We stopped often to marvel at the beauty around us.

The bridge which we have crossed dozens of time in summer . .
looked lonely in the winter.

On our way back we walked past the campground where we camped last summer and compared calendars for this years camping.

When we got back to the shelter . .
the embers were still hot and a fresh log was laid to warm us once more.

Eventually we had to turn in our snowshoes and head back down the mountain.
It really was a mountain top experience. .
and I was relaxed and peaceful feeling incredibly blessed.
What a fantastic year I had.
Today I turn 51 and officially am in my 52 year (as Anneliese kindly reminded me).
I'm starting it by crossing off one more thing on unofficial bucket list.
We're visiting the folks from the Today Show on NBC.
By the time you read this. .
we'll be at the top of Grouse Mountain for the 4:00 AM PST taping of the show which airs at 7:00 AM PST.
I may be 51 but in my heart .. .
I'm still a girl. . .
in love and loving life.
All for now. . .


  1. Happy Birthday, Lovella! You share your special day with my darling sister-in-law and my dear late father-in-law.

    The photos of your outing are beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful outing!! It looks so fun. i hope when I am at your stage in life I am doing things like that with good friends.

    My boys finally got to see some of the Olympics last night!!! We HAD to see something! Next time I feel like renting a tv so we can watch more. :)

  3. I just saw you on the TODAY show, at 9:05 CST! Happy Birthday! You look like you are really enjoying the day...tell us all about it!

  4. Oh my! What a wonderful day for you and how your readers will enjoy this adventure. Such a perfect setting and post in the midst of all the Olympic truly showcases our wonderful country again. AND...of course, a very happy birthday! What? wait...I just read someone's comment...HOW did I miss you on the today show? Did you get it taped?!!! Cool

  5. What a beautiful post and photos. Happy Birthday, Lovella!

  6. What a wonderful day that was! It made me want to find some snow and get going!

  7. I just saw the sign and Terry grinning just behind you! A Happy Birthday for the books! Atta girl!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to you! What a great way to celebrate...
    Glad you didn't crack the ice and fall in. Love those ice crystals!!

  9. What beautiful pictures! I like snowshoeing too. I have not done it since living in Colorado a few years back though.

    Happy 51st Birthday! Today is also my birthday!!! I am 53. Hope you have a wonderful day! :0)

  10. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I taped the Today now I must go watch it. What a fun birthday an unearthly hour!

    Your Manning Park pic's are amazing! It's so close to home...and one place I've never spent much time. I think I need to do something about that.

  11. Looks like you had a fabulous time, Lovella. Many happy wishes on your birthday. I hope you have as many wonderful experiences in the coming year as you had in your "Jubilee" year. God Bless you as you are blessing us.

  12. Hey I just saw you on T.V. Lovella! :0)

  13. Happy Birthday Lovella, I wish you another most wonderful year and oodles of good blessings!
    Your snowshoe event looks so fun and to share it with good friends..what could be better!
    What? I missed the show..oh dear:(
    You tube..someone??

  14. Happy birthday!!! What a fun way to celebrate!! Just going downtown would feel like everyone is celebrating you. Thanks again for sharing your heart and your wisdom. It does this girl so far from home much good. Blessings to you.


  15. I'm watching the Today show right now(California time) and I saw a sign. It had to be you! And than I came to your blog and I see that it was a sign about you. Congratulations! And congratulations to all Canadians on the Ice Dancing gold medal. It was a beautiful performance.

    Kathy b

  16. Happy Birthday, Lovella!!! Ethan and I had fun watching the Today show this morning, specifically to catch sightings of you and Uncle Terry. We weren't disappointed! How fun. Enjoy your big day!

  17. Happy Birthday, my friend! Such a fun and beautiful post. You continue to inspire me and allow me to see things in such a way that I feel everything is alright... and not to just let life pass us by. I wish you God's blessings as you begin a new year. May He continue to give you the desires of your heart as you trust in Him.

  18. Wow! You've crammed so very much in to this year! Happy Birthday!

  19. What a wonderful way to continue celebrating. Life seems to be one big party...that is, if that's what we choose to make it.
    What a perfect day to hike Manning. I could feel all the emotions...
    I'm dying to see the news taped video...You enthusiasm for life goes far beyond your blogs..
    Thank-you for your friendship over the past years. What a true blessing and just keep celebrating..
    "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."

  20. I forgot to say Happy Birthday! I took some photos of my TV with you on it! Fun!

    Kathy b

  21. Happy Birthday, Lovella....You are a great word picture person and make us want to come back for more of what you have to share of your life and where you live.
    Praying that you are blessed beyond measure.
    Sandy in NC

  22. I love snow shoeing-looks like such fun!! And hope you are enjoying your birthday! Love the sign that was made for it!! :)

  23. Ohh .. I hope you enjoyed your very special day in Vancouver today!
    But why stop celebrating just because you are now 51? May you celebrate every day for the rest of your life!!
    A Blessed Birthday to YOU, Lovella!!!!

    Your pictoral sharing of your day yesterday was wonderful! I've sat in that shelter and warmed my toes at the fire! Perfect picnic site!

  24. Happy Birthday Lovella! Hope you had a good time at the Today Show. Too bad I didn't read your yesterday's post till today or I would have tuned in for sure.

  25. Happy Birthday Lovella!
    It's been a delight to watch you have such a fun year of Jubilee!
    May you continue to have fun each and ever day!

  26. Such a beautiful day you had in Manning Park...looks wonderful.
    Hey ...I saw you on the Today Show early early (I watch it on digital out of Detroit at 5 am...even though I live in Victoria).
    My camera was sitting on th ecoffee table so I snapped a couple of you and your husband right there behind Merideth and Matt...I will see if you have an email on here and send them.
    Happy Birthday!!
    Love your blog

  27. I just love these posts. I go there vicariously, to places I've never seen and have these experiences with you, and because of you. I can't thank you enough for the joy this brings me.



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