the party in the kitchen

There were two parties on Sunday in the same house.
A small party congregated in the kitchen while the larger party headed upstairs to watch the Superbowl on the big screen.
The smaller party down in the kitchen laughed and chatted it up while our sleeves were rolled up .. .
while the larger party consumed snacks and watched the game. .
and laughed . . .and cheered.

The smaller party . . .
filled bud vases for the ladies of the larger party to take home at the end of the party.

The smaller party discussed timing of the Baron of Beef and the twice baked Potatoes. .
while the larger party discussed the timing of the game.

We plated the goodies for the larger parties chocolate dessert fondue. . .
and broke up toblerones and chopped mars bars to melt all the while congratulating ourselves for staying on task.
The smaller party stuffed potato halves for the larger party .. .
in between refilling the snack baskets for the upper floor. . .
while we secretly hoped the larger party would not be overly stuffed for the dinner that would be ready when the clock ticked down to zero.In the end. . .
everyone went home happy.
The larger party felt appreciated and loved . . .
and the smaller party felt appreciated and loved.

Is there more joy in decorating a table for people you care about . .
or is there more joy in sitting at a table that has been set especially for you?

I felt so thankful last night for the opportunity to serve.
If I could have been in two places at once. . .
I surely would have been on the trail to watch the Olympic Flame come through our town.
The choice was easy . . .
I was where I love to be . .
surrounded by like minded people . .
who clearly also loved being in the kitchen.
It's days like this that I often think of my mom who also loved to serve.
If I learned something about serving it was from seeing her busy in her own kitchen waiting for guests to arrive.
She would have been eighty-eight today.
My beloved and I talked about her for awhile yesterday while we drank our coffee outside in the sunshine.
Fifteen years ago she passed away. . .
and I wondered aloud if anyone else would remember her birthday today. . .
and then I realize that it is enough that I do.
It would be enough for her too.
All for now. .


  1. The tablescape looks so warm and inviting and festive! I'm sure the servers and those being served enjoyed the festivities equally.

    Enjoying and sharing your service to others is a loving tribute to your mother.

  2. Your mother saw everything you did yesterday and was pleased. You have followed her legacy and now you are sharing her legacy with many others around you.
    You chose the perfect place. Your colors on the table definitely reflected the Olympic colors.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. What a lovely evening - for both parties :)

    My mother would have turned 90 this year. I find myself thinking of her often even though it has been 18 years since she died - and appreciating her even more than ever for the same qualities that your mom had. A love for people, a gift of enjoying every moment and a generous heart.

  4. Ahhh, I love your heart and the spirit with which you do things...I want to be like you!

  5. I'm taking all looks so nice over there! And you raise a good there more joy in serving or in being served? What fun to serve together with a group of friends...that gives it much more 'joy'!

    How amazing is it...that we both remember our mom's birthday today? I'd like to think they are having cake together...'in that bright land where they'll never grow old'!

  6. What lovely service you showered on the party goers. Very nice...

  7. I tried to imagined what it would have been like to have your mother as a active and happy 88 year old....and then I realized that in truth, she is just that!

    And after reading the comments, think that she likely has new friends now, other mothers of blog readers, in heaven.

  8. What a lovely evening you all had.
    Your Mom would have really enjoyed watching and hearing about your life today. I know that if she were here to celebrate her birthday you would be making things just perfect for her around your table, and I know she would have been excited to share time with her family.
    Kathy (MGCC)

  9. I would like to invite you and your group of friends to come to my home and host my next dinner party. What gorgeous tablescapes you all created for your party. And, I just know your mother would be so happy to see you serving in her footsteps. Fifteen years ago is a long time. I am sure you really miss her. It has been 12 years since my father was here and I think about him so often.

    Your friends have such warm, beautiful smiles. You can tell serving is something they enjoy.

  10. Oh how fun!!! thanks for taking pictures! What a party -- upstairs and down. :)

    There must be many things about you that are similar to your mother. It dawned on me a few years how much daughters take on of their mother. I never met my grandmother and yet so much of what my mother is seems to have come from her mother, and so in that way I "know" my grandmother.

  11. What a gift of hospitality you share with those near and dear to you! A beautiful, touching memory you made! What a blessing!

  12. What a lovely evening you shared...
    How blessed to have such love and hospitality fill a home ♥

  13. I can't think which would be better ... being served with so much love or joyfully serving ....
    your photos are lovely... and obviously everyone enjoyed an evening to remember!

    Happy Birthday, Aunt Helen! I miss you!

  14. Everything looks beautiful! It's really a toss up of what is more fun, isnt' it?- serving or being served? Now I wish I would have taken pictures yesterday of our party... just to enjoy the moment a bit longer.

  15. Dear Lovella,

    I'll bet your dinner party was a success. So much love and care put into it! Your embroidered napkins on the table are also a nice touch!

    Kindest regards.

  16. Those tables are so lovely! I like what you did with those napkins you embroidered. I can see that both parties were wonderful in their different ways. Your mom would certainly be proud of you, and so pleased, without a doubt.


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