Lovella's fantastic Olympic Experience

What a fantastic day in Vancouver yesterday.
The sun was shining and the snow "capped" mountains were gorgeous.
When we got home last night I quickly loaded a few pictures and I'll post the rest tomorrow.
We found the nicest man at a McDonald's parking lot in Richmond that offered to drive ahead of us when we got pathetically lost. The drive in became a little longer than it should have been but we had given our self plenty of time to make it for the 12:00 game.
We arrived at our parking spot at the River Rock Casino which is only a $2 parking ticket if the parking meter is working correctly.
When we arrived back last night. . there was a $48 parking ticket because the machine recorded our stall number wrong. We know it was the machine's fault because we both said the numbers as I punched them in. . and even I can't mix up 1235 and 005. When we printed the receipt we made sure we had enough time paid for and didn't bother to check that our stall number was wrong and . .. so let that be a lesson to you.
Do you think that if I send a nice letter they'll believe me?
The Olympic slogan everywhere is I believe.
So . .that was the bad news of the day the rest was wonderful.

We made it to the Hockey house early . ..very early but that was fine with us. .
we were happy to relax and get through the security early and wait for the action to begin.

We had very fun seat mates at the game which made the game all the more interesting.

I've learned that if you ask your spouse to take a picture of you . .
someone will most often offer to take one of you together.

We sat right behind this goalie who didn't have very much action at his end.

Later on by the Olympic Cauldron .. .
I asked these fellows who spoke no English to have a picture with them. .
they seemed rather solemn . .
which made me want to smile all the more.

This was a pretty good "important" person find for me.
Most Canadians will recognize him as a News anchor for
CBC News.
I asked Ian Hanomansing for a picture while I waited patiently for a person to finish her interview . . . who was even more of a "important" person find.
More on that tomorrow.
All for now . .


  1. Yay!!! So happy for you!!Have not been able to get internet olympics to work at all. :( But we are going to my sister's on monday evening so the kids can at least see a little.

  2. Oh cool cool cool!! Ian H!! (how do you spell that name??) He's one of my favourite reporters. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep early and I didn't watch the news. I wonder whom he was speaking with? Guess I'll have to wait for Lovella's Olympic report :)

    Hope my boys have great adventures too - minus the parking ticket :(

  3. No wonder you titled this post,"Lovella's Fantastic Olympic Experience", because you are pictured in one post with four different handsome men. Seriously, this was a most interesting post. I just love reading about the experiences of those of you who actually get to visit the Olympics personally, while we sit in our sofas watching them each evening. Thanks for adding such a fun personal touch to these great events.

    ps those pictures of you are so good.

  4. How cool was that day!!!!! Thanks for sharing all this with us!!! I would love to see more pics as I have been glued to the tv watching the Olympics.

  5. This is when I miss not having TV (yea, for real!), but did manage to catch some of the action on the big screen at work....was almost as much fun watching other co-workers and docs sneaking off (heading to) the board room to catch whatever action they could in a spare moment

  6. I'm so glad you had a good time! I've been watching whenever I can. Last night I watched some of the snowboarding and the speed skating. So different from the summer games that were in Atlanta in 96, but no less exciting! Blessings, Becky

  7. I knew you'd be right in the spirit...You just can't stop! And just to grab the picture with one of our favorites...
    Was Anderson Cooper there too?
    We'll keep waiting.

  8. You make us bloggers proud Lovella! Ask and you shall receive, even if they don't speak your language! :0)
    It really was a gorgeous day in Vancouver!!

  9. Hmmmmmm I wonder who the other person was!
    I looked and I looked but I couldn't find you in the crowd, but i loved knowing that i knew someone there.

  10. You are a near celeb! Looks like the day was perfect all round. We looked for you but couldn't find you in the crowd. Look forward to more about your day. Kathy (MGCC)

  11. Ahhh, so you were at a hockey game. I'm shocked that you couldn't get those sober-sides to grin. Cool pictures...sounds like great fun...well, 'cept for that little ticket mix-up. Looking forward to the rest of the story...

  12. Loving the adventures! It is reading like a novel with interesting events surrounding the main plot line. Looking forward to the rest of the story. You looked fantastic as always.

    (Does anyone know what country those sober souls call home?)

  13. I'm so glad to see you had a near perfect day! Although we could have used more snow, it sure is a treat to run around in Spring-like weather. Beautfiul pictures!

  14. Lovella...maybe you could hook-up with the official press coverage of the Winter Games! You and Ian...interviewing those golden athletes. How neat to meet our CBC friend.

    What a fun day...just soaking in the Olympic experience! It was great to see a city full of strangers...we actually met quite a few friends.

    So sorry to hear about your parkade fiasco. The ticket is rather a costly souvenir...but then everything at the Olympics is...right?

  15. I rarely comment on your blog, but this one is so wonderful...I don't know who the man was with you from the news reporting, but all your pictures are wonderful..
    Thank you so much for sharing them.
    I live in NC and probably will never get up to your end of the world, so this is why reading about BC and your life is such a blessing... and I love the recipes I find on your sites...
    Found your site from Our Heart Grown Family...
    God Bless you for sharing.
    Sandy in NC

  16. How fun and what nice pictures of your Olympic adventure!

  17. Wow !! that puts a personal spin on 'hobnobbing with the rich and famous' !!
    Sounds like you had a really neat day !! One for the memory albums for sure !
    Love it!

  18. How fun you got to go to a hockey game. We just wandered around the city all day with no tickets to anything. However, still memorable.

  19. How fun Lovella!!! What a great day...can't wait to hear more about it all.


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