Lovella's fantastic Olympic Experience #2

Here is a group photo of the fellows in uniform.
So . ..what's your guess . .
where are they from?
OH . .fantastic news on yesterday's Parking Ticket. . .
my beloved called up the folks at Impark and explained the ticket machine problem and he was issued one of three in a lifetime free passes. Apparently you are allowed to make three mistakes in your lifetime on punching in your stall number. Okay . .seriously .. the two of us can't be that off our game to punch in 0005 instead of our stall number 1235. . .but no matter. .
he thanked the man and we will never leave a impark lot without double checking to make sure the meter box is in fine working condition.
Holding tickets for the Victory Ceremony later in the afternoon we found ourselves roaming the streets taking in the sights and sounds around us.

Never one to stay away from a photo op . .
these handsome Mounted Police approached me agreed to pose with me.
Are they not just so handsome?. . .too bad I was in a blink.

I found another one. .
and thought she was so beautiful. .
and she was the nicest Royal Canadian Mounted Police woman I have ever had the privilege to meet.

We found that everywhere we went the Police. .and there was plenty to be found.. .
were so polite and helpful. . it really made me proud.

We also were so impressed with all the volunteers ..
they are everywhere. . looking for lost sheep and so willing to point folks in the right direction.

The highlight of the afternoon came as we were passing by the CBC broadcast station.
We noticed an interview was just beginning so we ventured a little closer to have a look.
Imagine our delight to find our own Snow Board Gold Medalist Maelle Ricker.

We waited until her interview was over . ..and then. .

I held out my Victory Ceremony ticket where she would be receiving her Gold Medal. .
and she signed it.

I have to say. . .I felt tickled pink to have that perfect moment.

She was just a delight .. friendly and still very new to her new celebrity.

We carried on our way . .
found a Miletones Restaurant in Yaletown and shared a burger.

We watched the Canadian Women play hockey . .
chatted and relaxed. . .
phoning our boys to tell them of our good fortune.

That evening when we saw all the athletes receive their medals. .
we cheered with the crowd for all of them.
Each national anthem had us all standing and clapping and cheering for the medalists. .
but when Maelle got her Gold medal. .
I cheered just a wee bit louder.

After enjoying a concert by Paul Brandt. . .
we walked back to Yaletown. .
hopped back on board the Canada Line. .
and kept our eyes pealed for athletes.

It was a good day. . .
a very good day.

All for now . ..


  1. Yay for such a good day!!! I've always loved Canadian Mounties ever since I read the Janette Oke series about them. I even got some books out of the library once to learn a bit of their history.

  2. can days get any better than this?
    wow what a wonderful eventful and exciting day. So glad that you were able to be apart of the Olympic spirit.

  3. I'm going to guess those guys are from Russia. Reminds me of the movie "The Russians are Coming" You really had an eventful day. I love those moments when you stumble upon history like that...

  4. What a great day you had, Lovella!
    I'm sure those fellows are from Russia - no other country that I can think of uses those enormous hats!!

  5. My guess is that they are Russians! What wonderful experiences have been yours at the Olympics! Fantastic photos and memories you've made! I'm very happy for you about the parking ticket resolution!! Yeah!!!

  6. What a glorious day!!! I would have been in such awe of everything, like a child in front of tons of candy!
    Your pics are great! I bet you can't help but smile looking back on that day...

  7. p.s. I hope you don't mind I mentioned your posts on my blog ....

  8. A "Top Ten Days of One's Life"! What an unexpected bounty of moments to close out your special golden year...of course there had to be gold medals at hand.

    The blink picture deserves a thought balloon: "If I am dreaming...PLEASE don't wake me!"

  9. Had to find out: Poccur (with backward R) is Russia.

    Guess a bunch of them sailed a boat over for the day?

  10. Looks like you were in the right spot at the right time....and good thing you had your camera man with you. Glad you guys had such a fun date day at the Olympics. Kathy (MGCC)

  11. I've only been able to watch the games on tv and still it's incredibly exciting. I love that we are the host city! Thanks for getting out and exploring ... letting me experience it vicariously through your photos. So fun!

  12. I have only one comment...
    Perfect days do come! you just had one .. and hopefully you are allotted more than 'three in a lifetime' ! smile...

    PS. I also guessed Russians

  13. Russian .. did you tell them what you have in common with them? Maybe you could have gotten a smile out of them. Nice to know about the ticket... oh, and what a great day you had!

  14. Wasn't that exciting...Have you been over to see who I discovered last Saturday...
    I'm wondering who I will discover tomorrow...beside my beautiful daughter.
    Your photos look so splendid...with the reds...Now I'm not feeling so bad about getting shots taken.
    Keep it up...we would be a team together out there.
    A moment with Mealle..!

  15. So you hob-nobbed with the Russians from the tall ship in town...helped Ian Hanamansing interview our first gold medalist...posed with a few our our finest dressed in red serge...and that was all for free. (And even your parking was free!) Isn't it just the most fun?

    By the way...I took a picture of those same two Mounties. They didn't ask me to pose with them though. Smile.

  16. Awww, those Mounties always make my heart beat faster. I am proud to say that we have a Mountie in the family and he's some handsome. I think the uniform brings out the best.

    Oh, blessed you to meet your gold medalist. She's a lovely gal and did so well on her interviews.

    And cheering a little louder for your own is allowed and encouraged I do believe.

    Yay for Terry's getting that ticket taken off. Phew! Now the day was perfect in every way!

  17. This will go down in your journal as a "banner day". You amaze me at how you get to see and even be photographed with so many important people. It sure does make it fun coming here to your blog to visit. I had to smile at the one of you with the Mounted Police. This is truly an interesting and educational post! I am continuing to learn so much from all of you. Like inside information on a very special event. Thank you!

  18. I'm really enjoying this insider's view of the Olympics. How cool you got to meet Maelle!

    Those hatted gentlemen look like a Russian Men's Choir to me...I've heard them sing on TV...they are astounding.

  19. Great Post! Loving your Olympic Experience in pictures :)

  20. oh so have done and seen so much....wonderful!

  21. Was watching a CBC special this past Thursday night (Feb. 10, 2011) about the Olympics a year ago - and there you were, getting your book signed by Maelle Ricker! Your day has been documented by the CBC!!


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