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Just about the time I was personally running out of steam. . .

I spotted . .

Brent Butt from the Canadian Comedy sitcom . ..Corner Gas.

He was walking with two of his comrades and they all stopped for the picture op.

If I could sum up my experience in visiting Vancouver during the games in one word I would say friendly .. okay .. maybe two words ..and enthusiastic.

While we were walking we often found ourselves in conversations with those who shared our stride. We exchanged our home towns. . .our favorite part of the Olympics and the events we most looked forward to seeing.

On one of the days we were soaking up the sunshine when a small little Japanese student who is here learning English approached me and tentatively asked if I would mind helping her with her survey. Of course I didn't mind and it pleased me to see her visibly relax and begin to enjoy asking questions. It is such a small thing to give a moment of kindness to another person and I hope that many visitors felt warmed and welcomed to this beautiful city.

As I watched the hockey game on TV yesterday I of course felt thrilled for the Canadian girls to have won on their own soil.

I also felt sad as I watched the downcast faces of the American girls who had achieved so much but not enough to make them smile as they received their silver medals.

Something has changed in the attitude of our nation since the games began. We have begun to feel patriotism in a renewed way. I am proud of what our athletes have achieved .. .but maybe it was all the commercials in between showcasing our beautiful land that has me seeing again how blessed we are in this great land.

It has been a pleasure being a part of this Olympic experience . . .

thank you for coming along with me . . .

All for now . . .


  1. Lovella..our own celebrity! Good on ya getting all these photo ops.
    I too have noticed the renewed patriotism..let's keep it up. Don't you just love to see our flag being raised?? I get teary eyed every time:)
    'Go Canada Go'

  2. My heart wants to thank you! Coming along on this journey certainly has been most enjoyable. I do also realize now that I am communicating with more of a celebrity than I realized. What fun to see you with so many "famous" people, and yet you still blog with us. How cool!

  3. It has been so much fun to experience it through the eyes of my Canadian Bloggy friends, too. You have all been infectious in a good way :0)
    Loved all your photo ops!!

  4. Holy lifting!! (do they say that out west?? :) You had quite the time in Vancouver meeting all those celebrities!!

    I think my boy John had a picture under that very tree - I recognize it :)

    I also noticed the Americans were quite downcast - it must be so disappointing to work so long and hard - even though silver is quite an acoomplishment but it doesn't seem to have the same meaning as gold. The little Japanese figure-skater seemed disappointed with hers too. Although Joannie seemed thrilled with her bronze.

    They all seem like winners to me.

    Thanks for giving me a close-up look at the Games Lovella - it's been fun!

  5. I have so enjoyed looking at all your Olympic photos and sharing in your experience.My sweetheart and I are sailing on over to Vancouver tomorrow again (I went lastSaturday as well...VictoryCeremonies etc.)to take it all in one last time.
    Vancouver and our wonderful province of British Columbia has really shone and we can all be so Proud!!
    You have inspired me to turn on my "celebrity eyes" and be on the that you spotted our 2 "famous" police guys...and of course Virtue and wonderful is that.
    In keeping withe spirit...Go Team Canada Go and Good Luck to all.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Debbie (in Victoria)

    I have been so into the the Olympics that I am holding a 2010 Red Mitten GiveAway on my blog for any who are interested!!

  6. Your post is making me sad...I have loved this experience way beyond....and I don't want it to end...I think Canada is beautiful and I realize the blessings of our rich heritage in this land.
    What can we plan next??
    We need to keep the torch burning...
    I think I need a rest first.

  7. wow...what a photo op! How do you do it girl!

  8. It's been fun to peek into your world while the Olympics are funny to see Spring type blooms in Vancouver while the WINTER Olympics are happening. It's been over 20 years since I was last there...our daughters are now hoping for a trip that way someday! Canada is a beautiful country!

  9. Thank you for sharing your Olympic experiences with us. It was exciting to read about where you went and the lovely people you met along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing. We've not been able to get into town so I've really enjoyed your pictures and commentary!

  11. Thank you, Lovella, for another thoughtful post!
    I am chuckling at you wear a secret 'magnet' that draws celebrities toward you? If I didn't know you I would think your 'meetings' were staged!
    I love you stopping to help that little Japanese is always so deeply gratifying to know that we have made someone's day better.

  12. I'm hoping you are planning on making a photo book of your Olympic have some real winners in your collection! What fun it has been.

  13. That was another fun read! My, what a time you've had. Thanks so much for taking us along!

  14. Ravi is VERY jealous about this last famous person you met!!!

  15. Congratulations on your hockey teams' victories!

  16. Well, it certainly has been fun to see some of it through your eyes, Lovella. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  17. You are an amazing Girl! How do you manage to attract all those celebrities. Meeting Brent Butt must be one of the most quintessential Canadian highlights.
    You've done a great job, as always, of taking us along with you on your varied and celebrity meeting Olympic experiences. Keep up the great blogging, my friend.


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