Kanneloni Macaroni rocks!

For the most part this little grandgirlie sits with her eyes wide open . . .

sitting as sturdy as possible to keep herself from being bowled over when the two year olds play near by.

She's a quiet little mouse this one . . .

and is quite happy with a crusty bun to chew on.

It's a funny thing when she hoists herself up on all fours.

rocking back and forth. . .

all the while watching the two year olds racing back and forth.

It baffles her I'm sure as it seems a tricky thing to get those limbs moving in a coordinated manner.

All for now. . .


  1. How adorable! And she's already so stylish! Love the beaded bracelet and earrings!

  2. I am admiring her demi-parure.

    Lucky lass...I'm sure those lovelies will only the be first of all that she will own. She really need not stand when she can be so glamorous while seated.

  3. I too think her jewelry rocks! So sweet.

  4. Oh so sweet. Look at that cute little bracelet!!

  5. Is she this big already? Oh my goodness...this is all I do anymore from blog to blog!

    What a cutie pie she is...she's figuring out how to make her way in this tumbly world. Love her outfit!

  6. Goodness, she's growing! She'll be running to keep up with the older ones before you know it. I love her dainty-looking jewelry!

  7. So precious!! :) Great jewelry too and rocking looks like fun!

  8. So sweet! I loved watching my little one learn new 'tricks'. What a little sweetheart.

  9. It won't be long and she will be keeping up with the others. She is sweet! i enjoy seeing your grands here from time to time. Kathy (MGCC)

  10. Love the little bracelete .. oh, and she has earings! I'm so glad you have a grandgirl ... well two!

  11. She is adorable! Name and all!!!!



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